CNBlue Concert

I’m not usually a huge person to update on a Sunday night, especially when it’s already so late at night but I figured i’td be nice fort hose who had to miss out CNBlue’s concert and press con for various reasons

Thanks to Samsung Malaysia and Manoah, I had the very much pleasure to meet CNBlue in person, at a press conference. To those who don’t know who they are, google them, I assure they will surprise you in a way or another=). The press conference, had given me a chance to see them upclose, like oh hey we are in the same room close and that to me was a rather amazing of an experience.

Anyways, Lucky for me I had my trusty stalker camera(my Samsung Galaxy Camera). I kid you not, I was seated at least a few rows behind but the shots I got out of the camera was just way too good to be true!
Here’s the 2 out of the many videos I took, figured it looked the best so thought I’d upload these but if you want more, just feel free to comment below and I’ll get try my best to upload them all(they are all quite similar of a video tho).
Make sure you watch them on HD!

This one was a longer clip, having all four members to answer a question given by the emcee

Then on Saturday, which was yesterday, again all thanks to Samsung Malaysia and Manoah, me and Nate had a chance to watch them live and here’s some of the footages I got off my phone(I didn’t bring my camera with me because it had the no camera allowed logo behind my ticket)
Nate loves listening to CNBlue, he’s constantly has got the music going on when we are in the room so he’s pretty stoked

I kid you not the ambience at the concert was pretty full on! They were really on fire and here’s a video I managed to capture off my phone of the concert!

All in all a very very good night! Sorry for the late update but I really wanted to put in the concert video I took into the blogpost. I hope this made up for those who didn’t manage to catch them for whatever reasons you had.
OOTD to end the post
Now I hardly ever wore slacks but I just really couldn’t be bothered finding me skirt that morning. I wore this but decided to change to m skirt as I thought it was gonna be hot at the stadium.

It’s Monday again tomorrow but I’m really looking forward to it because I”M GOING TO JAPAN TOMORROW NIGHT YO!

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