Japan Bound

Ahh! Panic mode on since I’ve not PACKED for my Japan trip yet, and I’m bound to head to the airport before 8PM tonight =.=
So let’s do a quick weekend recap shall we?
Think Yuki think,

Oh if you haven’t read my blogpost on CNblue already(and if you are a huge CNBlue fan,I’d highly recommend you to do so!)
Link is here->https://www.yukikotan.com/2013/08/cnblue-concert.html

Oh yeah, on Friday, I was in a horrid mood, but lucky for me for having such awesome AWESOME friends, I manage to turn the night around and had a really really wonderful night

Then on Saturday, Sui Ying came and picked me up for brunch, She’s doing a giveaway on her blog for the new Marc Jacob’s perfume so we decided to go Honey and Figs for brunch!

Finally got to try their ever so popular avocado and dates smoothie, was really good but it just wasn’t the same as having a good cup of tea.
the rest of the Saturday was just going to CNBlue’s concert, having dinner with Nate’s sister and then heading home and crashing on my bed.
On Sunday however, I manage to wake up a slight earlier since well, I did sleep rather early on Saturday night. Nate did some homework and decided to bring me and Nelson out for lunch.
Of course, we just had to pick Jap food so we went to Isshin at Old Klang Road.

I kid you not, if there’s anything you can’t have too much of, it’s jap food hands down. Sashimi was fresh and really thick slices so it made eating it much more enjoyable! I would have usually opted to go to my fav Salmon place in OUG(Top Catch) but they close at about 1PM in the arvo and it was way past that time by then so we had to go elsewhere, that’s ok though coz Isshin was still a really good place!
Then it was just meal after meals, we headed over to Elegantology, courtesy to their Chief Fashion stylist(I’m sure you guys already know who she is *hint hint, tall super pretty brunette) to have a meal there

Starters was our soup, Carrot and ginger soup for the day. I have to say, this soup was delish! (and in case you are wondering it came in their set lunch, Sunday does all day set lunch which you can get most of their items ranging around RM19-RM68 depending on what you order, and it comes with soup/salad for starters and also a dessert to end your meal. Talk about good price!)

I’m still really dreaming about this soup. I was actually really full from my previous meal but i still had no trouble at all trying to gobble down the soup. thumbs up man!
Nate’s seabass, I’m not sure how it tasted because I didn’t try it but he did quite enjoy his fish=)

and my hearty beef stew with creamy mash. oh the beef just is so well cooked, nothing beats a good beef that melts in your mouth! yummy yummy stuff

then our desserts. I’m actually not a fan of pandan cake so I didn’t eat the cake but Nate happily ate it on my behalf. Love how cute the presentation is!

Then these few things came in the mail today. I’m freaking stoked, just in time to do my nails before my trip tonight don’t you think and I absolutely ABSOLUTELY love the outcome of it

Transfer nailfoils. I bought these off ebay for like about RM115 with free shipping(mind you shipping took rather long but heck it was worth the wait). Ciate’s selling these for like 6 small foil sheets with the nail polish for about Rm82 and I just couldn’t bear to pay that price so I decided to buy it online separately

so freaking worth it!
OOTD to end the post, will update on Japan really soon(within the next 3 days I will def have a post up because I’ll be back just in time for National day’s countdown!

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