Shopping in Ōsaka

Super long hiatus! Thank you so much for being so patient with me over the past few days!With my wedding reception coming this weekend, things are getting really hectic so I’m gonna call it off for OOTD for this week, just until my week ends. I’m just gonna cut things short and get straight to the point to my Japan Trip
I will be blogging about Japan in 2 blogpost, mainly because there’s so much I would like to talk about Japan which I can’t possibly squeeze into a blogpost. I was there for just 3 days, my main goal, was to find my wedding shoes, which I have been having trouble finding a pair in Malaysia(with the right price tag). My sister was back from London and MAS airline having a promo to Ōsaka, we decided to make it a 3 lady trip for 3 days to Osaka.

My first impression about the place was
1) It’s really clean
2) Everything is on time/punctual
3) They don’t have alot of rubbish bins
4) People are ridiculously nice
Now, I know I’ve met heaps of nice people around the world, but man have I not met anyone that nice until I’ve been to Japan. When we asked for directions, people made sure they knew where we were going(Despite them having language problem). Not only they will tell you where to go, there are numerous occasion where they’ve actually ran to us telling us we are turning the wrong way(and this is after we’ve parted saying thank you for helping and stuff).

Well the only down side(and I say downside only because it’s gotten me into quite some embarrassing moments which I shan’t go into details, is that people kept mistaking me for a Japanese. Imagine having a Japanese dude asking you for directions to get to the Eki(Train station), in Japanese,awkward much.

So this is gonna be a shopping post, what we’ve managed to buy, hunt over the span of 3 days.
We arrived in Japan and we decided to take the train to our hotel, purchased the tickets(JR line) as that was the only train that goes to our hotel.

Osaka had different trainlines managed by different companies, so making sure you are on the right trainline will def help before you jump onto the train.

There are 2 ways to getting around Ōsaka with the train, one, you could purchase one off tickets, which will look like this

or you could just purchase their local Icoca card which you can use for all trainlines(and also your convenience store), something similar our Touch N Go card but a little more, convenient.

This time around we decided to stay at Hotel Monterey La Sœur,

Which was minutes walk away from the Kyobashi Eki/Kyobashi JR Line

The hotel was def very comfortable and much spacious than what I’ve expected but I will get into this in my next blogpost
and if you’ve asked me about the hotel, I’d say I’m actually pretty satisfied with it especially if I could wake up to a view like this every morning

This trip around we focused alot on their departmental stores, which were all scattered around the areas of Osaka station, ShinSaibashi, Namba. They had huge malls, but unlike our shopping malls that has nearly everything you need in their malls, these were quite specific(Think a huge Isetan Mall everywhere)
If you aren’t too familiar with the place, there are always maps around to help you, which we found extremely useful throughout our trip

Of course with departmental stores layout, you kinda get everything you need in one floor. When they mean electronically goods, they really have almost everything you need in just one floor. This is the beauty section we stumbled across(They pink kinda gives it away as a ladies section hah)

but if departmental goods aren’t your cup of tea, there are always other small shops that will have the things you need too. I particularly enjoyed shopping at their Kusuri, which means a drugstore because they have got HEAPS of makeup in that shop! I couldn’t resist but to walk into every Kusuri we walked past for the 3 days because there’s always something new I can find in the Kusuri!

So here are the stuff I manage to buy from the Kusuri,

and clothes for Nate(I wasn’t really shopping for clothes this time around but I couldn’t give these a miss). They were priced between the range of RM60-RM100 for each top and they had such nice design for work clothes!

Uniqlo was extremely reasonable pricing of a shop, bought the color T shirt for about RM10-RM15? and I also managed to get my starbucks cup and this DIY galaxy projection project book from Kinokuniya.

of course they had some other small shops that sells really quirky items. I picked all of these items up for my new place for less than RM15 per piece so it was really really worth the buy!

and last but not least, my main goal to why I went to Japan, my wedding shoes.
To be really honest I was about to give up when I was looking for my shoes. There wasn’t much that caught my attention from the departmental stores, or the ones I wanted was way too expensive and I just couldn’t justify buying them for my wedding. This is until the end of the 2nd day, when we were walking pass Namba back to our hotel, we found this lil boutique that carried formal dresses, and I found my shoes.
They weren’t really what I expected them to be since I actually had no idea what I wanted for my wedding shoes but I just fell in love with the shoes at first sight! They fit just right and they were also really comfortable so it ticks off all the “to have” for a wedding shoes so yeah=)

So here you go, my wedding shoes!

So that’s pretty much the shopping bit for my Osaka trip and will be blogging about the food/hotel really soon!
Have a great Monday guys!

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