DIY Floral Headband(RM15)

I’m sure by now you’ve seen heaps of DIY floral headband. They are so cheap to DIY I sometimes don’t understand how other places can sell them so ridiculously expensive at times.
Drop by Daiso the other day and got these picked up for the floral headband
Love ribbon- RM 5
Red flowers-RM5
Pink and white flowers- RM5

yup, the total cost for the headband is really just RM15, so I thought I’d do a quick post just before the weeekend commences so those who are interested can actually get it done too!
Def need the stuff, so here are the pictures of the items I’ve picked up.

So getting your ribbon prep, just measure your the ribbon around your head to get a rough estimation to how tight you want your ribbon to be. Make sure to leave at least another extra 5CM before you cut it as you will need space to tie it. That and the wrapping flower bit kinda tightens the ribbon a little more so leaving a little more ribbon space is always a good idea

I find cutting off the hearts where I”m about to tie the both end heaps easier as you won’t have the huge heart in the way.

After that it’s just really the fun part. Just wrap the wire green thing around your ribbon and go creative!

Just really that simple! I’ve learnt this new editing tip from Suting and I majorly love the outcome on the photos!
Next project-Pastel rainbow roses headband!

Have a great weekend guys!

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