Weekend trip with the Honda Hybrid CR-Z

Well, last weekend I had this awesome car as my weekend car
To be honest I’ve never driven a sports car so when given the opportunity, all thanks to Honda Malaysia and Manoah I was stoked!
Me and Sui Ying was given this beautiful Red CR-Z to drive around the weekend and we couldn’t be happier! Sui Ying loves driving so she was def much more stoked than I was and to be really honest, I’m more of a passenger than a driver so I wasn’t complaining at all because it gave me so much more opportunities to take photos. I did however had to drive the car around as I was the one keeping the car for the weekend and I must say that the Hybrid cars def gave me a surprise as it was much more powerful than I’ve expected it to be.
Anyways let’s look at the car,

The interior of the car was really nice, it’s even got a red side panel thingy(forgive me as I’m not very good with car descriptions)

and buttons all over enough for people like me to go crazy

and perhaps the small lil things that made me much happier, mega heaps of compartments to keep all your stuff!

Particularly love the compartments below the USB cable comparment because it’s so spacious. Me and Sui Ying managed to fit her EX2F into the compartment along with my phone. Talk about good space

and my partner of the day=D

We’ve tried all modes, of course the sports mode was pretty out there but I’m generally satisfied with the eco mode because well, it’s eco for start and if anything it’s pretty darn powerful already.

So back onto our roadtrip. Me, Sui Ying, Julie and Suting decided to venture around Shah Alam looking for a very much well preserved park. Why a park? Well shopping malls are first overrated for a weekend trip and since the car is a hybrid car, it would mean less fuel consumption for our weekend roadtrip= more money saved!
You can see Julie’s happy face here=p

but before that we had to drop by the roadshow to learn more about the hybrid cars. To be honest, All I know about the car prior to the roadshow was that it’s a hybrid, erm…what’s a hybrid? If you asked me at that point of time I’d tell you..hmm no idea actually, so hence the need of attending the roadshow HAH

You should drop by the one in KL(the curve I believe, but check out Honda’s facebook page) because when register online and you head over to test drive the cars, you get a free gift!! I kid you not, test driving the cars super worth your time especially if you are loooking to getting a new car!
The people there are mega friendly, even posed for my camera HAHA

and they have mega heaps of stalls around for you to shop for really cute items!


So okay back to the car, sorry I got a little distracted there, this guy here is explaining to us how a Hybrid car works, and why it’s so fuel economical and also so environmental friendly

Anyways, let me explain this hybrid technology better(Photo credits to Fish)
So pretty much it’s powered by an engine and assited by an electric motor,  I quote from Fish again because she explained it brilliantly

  1. Start the engine: The electric motor supports the engine to give a more powerful acceleration.
  2. Low speed driving: The car uses the electric motor power alone. No petrol is needed!
  3. High speed driving: The electric motor stops and switches to engine for a fuel efficient driving.
  4. Braking: Time for the electric motor to recharge the battery. 

The park was open to public since the 1986 and has over 1296 hectares of tropical rain forest! Talk about beautiful nature land. It’s so lush and beautiful (just don’t go during noontime because it can be rather hot) but you can find more info here at their website

but yeah, here’s a before we head into the forest pic but not so much of pics of us after because we were sweating heaps LOL
Though the weather was crazily hot, I was quite glad we insisted on making a trip to the place, fair enough its at least a 35-40 minutes drive and given traffic sometimes it can be a lot longer but with the charge assistance from the Honda hybrid, it couldn’t be a better choice to drive this car.

We’ve done a full days worth of driving, from 1Utama to Setia Alam, then getting lost in Setia Alam, driving to Bukit Cahaya, then getting lost and drove to Klang, then back to 1u area then ending up in Subang before we went back to PJ and here’s the fuel consumption by the end of the day. Pretty darn crazy right? It’s only 2-3 bars down!! Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Would like to thank Honda once again for the amazing weekend with these beautiful cars=D Again check out their page here to drop by their roadshow so you can test drive the car yourself too!
OOTD to end the post(yay finally back on track with the OOTD pictures)

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