Korean Brand, 3CE lipstick Haul

Hmm, somehow I’ve never been attracted to Korean makeup as much. Yeeing recently introduced me to a webstore and I must say I was pretty impressed with the webstore. I’m for one am usually damn attracted to packaging and if you were to get me to buy anything online, your store must have a pretty good layout for good shopping, else I’ll get lazy and I’ll just close the page.
Anyhoo, Yeeing suggested that if I wanted to purchase anything, we could do it together in the same order as it’d save us shipping fee so I hauled these
3 of their lipsticks and 2 lip lacquers, I initially thought they were lipglosses but boy was I glad to be wrong hahaha! The lip lacquers formulations are AMAZING!

Anyways before I go on and on raving about the lip lacquers, I’ll talk about the lipsticks first. These are the 3 I picked, normal bright colors that I usually pick but in terms of formulation, I’d say they are similar to MAC’s but slightly creamier. They don’t stain but I can’t say much on the wearing time yet because I’ve yet had them on for the whole day. Color pigmentation wise they are def more than ok.

Here’s the swatches

and the lip lacquers, oh my dear brownie lord, they are the lip lacquers.
They dry powderish(texture wise) and they are not sticky, not at all.
Mega pigmented and they last for a darn good time too!

See what I mean when I say they are super pigmented?

Massively a huge fan of them but the colors are a little out there, esp the purple one(yes even for me) so am still trying to figure out how to actually wear them out
Our fridge finally arrived so hello good breakfast! Nothing beats a bowl of good yoghurt+ muesli

It’s Friday tomorrow, means it’s ARTHURSDAY! Till then guys!

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