T.G.I.F with Arthurs Day tonight!

Just a quick one because it’s Friday! Who else is going to Arthurs Day tonight?!
H(ampersand)M, argh, this is so annoying! I don’t know why I can’t get that symbol up properly, but they’ve been having a rather good deal for dresses recently!
Here’s what I picked up over the weekend and if you have the chance to drop by, def do so because the dresses I got are all less than RM60, and some for less than RM40!
Because you can’t have too many basic dresses

or if that’s too wild of a print,  a block color is pretty darn good too of an option

but amongst all the dresses I picked up, this is my fav! Love the print, the design the cut and everything about it! Not sure whether you can see the details but the neckline has a  silver chain lining so even if you don’t want to pair it up with accessories it’s still not too plain!

and I just had to pick up some basic tees because I don’t know where all mine went =.=

and heh, just can’t let this mint skater skirt go=p

and since I was looking for a new bag, I picked up this one too. The size of this bag is brilliant! I can fit so much in this bag without feeling the weight of my items! I might spice the bag up a little since it’s still a little too plain for my liking.

finally gave it to a Diptyque candle. It’s now burning happily in my workroom!

Guess that’s it for Friday, now who’s up for a party tonight!

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