Johnnie Walker Korea!

Friday is always a good night to look forward to, even more when there’s Johnnie Walker event’s happening on Friday
yup, I know I don’t usually post on a weekends but heck, if I don’t post now it’s gonna be too late coz the promo, this promo will only last till this weekend!

Well there’s always a good reason to be excited for Friday
JW always does like the best and most anticipated events, ever! I’ve always enjoyed myself with the lineups (I met Shawn Farquhar at one of their circuit lounge) and the drinks are always something to mega look forward to!
The company of course makes a huge diff, and being with the right crowd(really dislike it when things gets rowdy) always makes me remember the night even more
So here are some photos from the previous party(can you believe it’s been about half a year since?)

but I love it especially more when people drink sensibly, makes the driving trip back home much safer too! Party hard, party smart yo coz drink driving is never, ever cool! So def plus points when they have water for guest who needs them after the party!

So grab your tickets and see you coming Friday! I’m gonna go shop for my dresses for this weekend now!=p
For more info check out so for now, Happy Saturday Guys!

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