Arthurs Day last Friday!

Last weekend was a really good week.
First to start we had really good friends as company and tickets for Arthur’s Day all courtesy to Guinness Malaysia and Manoah
We decided to head there a slight later than usual(didn’t wanna be caught in the Friday after work traffic) so we went for dinner(oh yummy butter squid).

This was mega hilarious, parkngi spelling error much?

Arrived just right before the AAR started performing! Well, not exactly just just but just right before but enough to take photos and selcas =p Well some photos are from Nelson, (the ones that aren’t edited, diff color tones to the photos) but since he’s also using the Samsung Galaxy camera, I thought it’d be okay to add them in here too=p

There’s also this Arthurs lounge that was situated just right before heading into the concert zone and it was just such a nice idea to have something like this. A lounge where you can actually sit down and have a beer with your friends and talk(not shout with the music going on) before you head in for the performances

Here’s a few necc selcas

I think by now you should that I ALWAYS bring my galaxy camera out for events, and for a good reason. This camera is mega of an awesome stalking camera coz of it’s 21x Optical zoom. Needless to say all I had to do was stand at the far end of the VIP stage but still get super good close up photos for the blog, and the videos are really clear too!

I was this far away from the stage! And to be honest I’m actually quite glad I’m not amongst the midst of crowd because I don’t do very well in crowded places so I was really happy standing still and I honestly don’t think I’ve missed out much because my camera did alot of stalking for me.

yup, after 21x zoom, these are the pictures I got. How freaking mega awesome right! I absolutely LOVED it, I didn’t had to squint my eyes trying to see what was happening on stage(mind you I’m half blind even with my contacts on) and since the galaxy camera had this awesome huge screen, yeah was a pretty darn good view of the performers!

I also managed to take a video, absolutely LOVE the zoom in clarity but I have to apologize for the bass going on(don’t think my camera audio recorder apprecaited the sound system much) and also the shakiness of the video, my arms were getting tired.

Intermission(well that’s how I’d call it) but after the AAR me and Nate got a little thirsty from all the shouting. Of course complimentary Guinness FTW

and more crazy photos for the night!

and the wanted came on stage last!

I wasn’t really expecting this, I mean I knew what song they sing but I just happen to be that kinda girl that just don’t really check out how the singers look like…Well, all I can say is they are pretty cute=p

and of course a great night all thanks to Arthur Guinness

So to Arthur!
Have a great week ahead guys!

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