Sept Favs!

We are officially in the month of October! I’m actually really glad I’m done with Sept, now that I’m done with the wedding stuff and all I can finally focus on working on the apartment with the house decor, that and also start planning our honeymoon!!
Anyways, before I forget, let me share with you my Sept favs!
I didn’t really had time to try out new things, for the wedding I was just so focused on making sure my skin was in good condition for the big day I didn’t dare try anything else, so instead, I splurged on skin/hair care(and other pretty things LOL)
Moving to my new place means I don’t have as much storage yet for all my makeup items, so I made myself stick to a few necc items and just decided to start a new habit by putting my favs for the month on the tray so I can actually finish/use the products
So here’s this months that I can use on a freq basis
Of course I’ve been mega loving my Diptyque candle. I’m surprisingly not as much attracted to the other candles they’ve got but this, I absolutely just can’t get enough of! As you can see, the place is still quite clean (I sure hope it will stay this way LOL)
I’ve got 2 fav handcream for now. I’ve been using the handcreams so much more religiously now since I’ve started doing the dishes=( My hands just gets ridiculously dry from the washing detergent and you can see the skin on my hands peeling off immediately after the washing=( So I tried scouting for new handcreams. I think I kinda grew out of my soap and glory’s one but its always good to have a spare. My new fav has been the caudalie handcream=D Brilliant coz it also works as a nail cream so def saves heaps of time!

Also picked up a new lipbalm. I love my chanel lipbalm but I just can’t seem to dedicate the best lipbalm award to it just yet. I’m still waiting for creme de rose to hit malaysia shores so for now my recent fav has been a great kisser by Soap and Glory.

Most the time I’m all about the bright lipsticks, but last month I’ve been constantly reaching out to this lipstick instead. It’s the Revlon Pink Pout(Matte 002) and I usually use it with my Kiss me lip concealer and I love how it just tones my whole makeup down.

I used to love this sugarbomb, then I tried other blushes and sorta forgot about it. Started using it the other day and it just reminded me of how much I love it again! Works perfectly as an everday blusher and I just love love love the smell of it!

Then there’s this facemask I picked up from Too Cool for School the other day and I massively love it! I’m a sucker for anything volcanic and clay but most the times these items are wayy too dry for my skin. This I was reluctant to try at first but gave in anyways because of the packaging. I’m glad I did because it’s now one of my fav face mask to use! The texture is thick and creamy so it’s really easy to apply it on and cleaning it off wasn’t too difficult of a job too!

and my recent new hair mask
I ran out of my L’oreal hairmask that I usually used, thought of picking the l’oreal ones up again but the sales girl recommended me something without all those chemicals(I can’t remember what it’s called but) I ended up buying 3 of these since they were on sale and used it the other day and I massively love it!I’ve been using these as my hair conditioner instead since I have naturally really dry hair but I def can see a good improvement since!

Recent fav fragrance
Again from Diptyque, my only ever perfume that actually lasted me till after an event! Love how it smells so floral-y too!

and candles, apart from my diptyque candle, I’ve also been loving this candle May bought for me. Reminds me of navel oranges, and I love them! They smell so soothing and fresh, this is def my bedroom candle=)

My other favs for this month has mostly been non beauty related products. I having been loving these dainty rings, and dainty necklaces for the month of sept

Then we have other stuff that don’t really fit onto the tray
This thingamajig ┬áthing helps with the face cleansing every morning. So pretty much you foam up your cleanser using this, then use the foam to cleanse your face. I LOVE IT! It works as well as my brush cleanser thingy and for a fraction of the price! Easy to clean too! I feel like my skin is at least cleanse properly if I’m just using the foam and I’ve read somewhere that it’s def much gentle on the skin too to cleanse your face just using the foam.

Ricola addiction man, I’ve gone tru this like there’s no tomorrow, prolly explains my sugar high state but these are freaking good stuff!

and my recent new “pet”. Not the smartest but Nate say they take time, well there’s def an improvement now coz it knows where my living room is, still doesn’t really know how to get back to it’s home station but yes, patience yuki, patience

and since we have a new fridge, I’ve also been having much healthier breakfast! Bought a box of strawbeerries the other day from Jaya Grocer for RM5, what a steal!

and if there’s just one spot I had to pick out of my unit, it’d be my tea section. Waking up knowing there’s good tea waiting for you is just such bliss

Not done with my tea section just yet, still have quite a few things I’d like to add on but I’d say I’m loving how it’s looking at the moment, all my necc items laying out(How cute is the cup with the moustache right!)
So yeh, there you go, my Sept fav! What are yours?
Happy Tuesday Guys!

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