My vanity area+workstation

Last night me and Nate dragged Nelson and Chris to Ikea, reason? Well to buy the very much needed stuff for the workroom and my bedroom.
Not really where I’d like it to be yet but for now it’s looking pretty okay.
The side cabinet I bought was only for RM150 and I’d say it’s a really good deal. Nate’s really happy because now I don’t leave everything on the sofa because I have somewhere proper to put my stuff.

Here’s a side glimpse of my work area. As you can tell I’ve moved my stuff around again, Yennee actually hand knit the board for me and I freaking love it! I can’t wait to properly hang it up in my living room when I have all my TV cabinets and all done. Still have my other few favs and love how my S4 and Note 3 are happily sitting in my desk atm.

Back to the open cabinet(I don’t even know whether I’m calling them by their proper names) This is how it looks like, very cute and I love the open air concept because it means I can see everything at one glance.

My top corner are for all my decor/ camera needs. So this way I know what I want to work and photograph for especially when I have ideas I want to execute. The ring light I bought in a bulk with other bloggers and let’s say I’ve not really used it that much yet! But man, I love how my floral mask is sitting on the top shelf.

then off to the 2nd shelf where I have all my daily necc. I’ve got my Samsung Galaxy Camera happily sitting there because it’s just easy for me to grab and run out if I am in a hurry and candles I have sitting at the side if I ever feel like burning them. I also have this cup to keep all the spare change I get from restaurants, and of course, cables and a travel makeup bag if I am in the rush and don’t have time to pack.

This one next I haven’t figured out what to do with it just yet. The sign Don and Zana got for me is just sitting here now coz it looks pretty but I eventually want to hang it up in my living room. Same goes to the photo frame Andy and Heather got me. My tab needs more love from me since I’ve been ignoring it much and I’ve got other decorative items (yes coz I don’t use the serviettes coz it’s just for decorating purposes)

and I have my corner for my work stuff. So all the stuff that’s related to work all goes into this section. and the drawer just consist of different boxes that I don’t really wanna throw out but have absolutely no use for it for now.

The other piece of furniture I bought from Ikea was of course my vanity table(RM999). Nate was initially quite skeptical about this because he doesn’t like anything that is of slightly bad quality but he’s pretty happy how things turned out. I love LOVE IT. Of course next to it I will have my other makeup storage since I really doubt that this lil table will be able to fit all of my makeup LOL. I love how they have a drawer too, though it might not look like a drawer but it sure is just that long rectangular thing and even have 3 diff compartments in the drawer too.
I will hang my hairdryer at the side of the vanity but until I find the right hook, it will have to stay put.

So on the left of my vanity table I have all the makeup brushes I most freq use, of course I don’t use it all but I like to keep them on display so I can know whens  a good time to clean them when they get dirty. Then I have other stuff like my mascara, primer and some lipglosses I try to finish.

and my fav section would be this lil perfume corner! I have my most obsessed perfume on the tray and I’ve also placed some of my must try samples out so I can actually use them. Dainty necklaces that I might use for everyday wear and some emergency cottonpads.

and on the right side I have my most used makeup item. So everything to create a full face makeup, I have my foundation, concealer and also my eye primer and lip concealer. On the top of the acrylic box I have some of my most freq makeup items and my moisturiser.

And I have my candles and my fav body lotion at the side of the table!

At the side of my vanity table I have my makeup storage(which is also from Ikea), which I won’t go into detail because I haven’t got much stuff moved into the house yet. But for now this is the section that makes me really happy! I’ve got all my recently purchased necklaces all displayed out=D

Just something about seeing all the colorful items makes me really happy. As you can tell I’ve also got another tray just to hold all my small rings and earrings so they don’t get mixed up with everything else.
Guess that’s all about today,
Also I am proud to say I’ve been on a health diet recently(well only for lunch) but I made myself mashed pumpkin!

pretty yums!

Can’t believe it’s Friday tomorrow!
Enjoy the remaining of the week!

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