Johnnie Walker last Friday night!

Wow, that’s another week gone. This week was rather productive, and also extremely satisfying since I did a huge shopping haul over the weekend!
but a good weekend usually happens with a very good start, mine started with non other the very much anticipated Johnnie Walker Korea night at Butter Factory!
Nate didnt join me this round because he had other things planned but he was nice enough to drop me, Suting and Ash off at Butter! Works out perfectly well, no drinking and driving yo!
Went for the classic red lips look for the night. The dress was something I picked up while studying in Oz but never had a chance to wear it, added a nice gold necklace to spice up the dress coz it did look a little too plain. Loved out it turned out tho(and loved how it made it look like it was actually part of the dress!)

Arrived at the place just on time so we decided to stay around the place to take some photos. Finally met Alicia properly, I’ve only ever spoke to her over the net so it was finally good to see her in person! Super hot lady yo!

Of course picture courtesy to Kelvin =), Always taking such awesome photos at awesome events!

Had a glass of their complimentary cocktail before we start our night. This was their gold label mixed with lime cordial. Mega  mega yums!

So after our drinks we went into the stage. I’m so glad this time around we were placed at a nice corner near the stage, this just means we didn’t had to walk up the stairs with our heels, double yay!

So the night initially consisted of too much brightness flash from my camera, which was something I rather not have but couldn’t do much since I can’t change my flash setting.

It was either that or just no flash picture which obviously wouldn’t work in such a dark place. But the no flash worked perfectly well taking these photos. Love my galaxy camera for night events!

The “too bright” flash problem was settled in seconds but, Suting tore out a slight piece of the corner of a serviette and we had out lil own filter for the camera flash! The flash wasn’t as glaring so we took even more photos!

After a good amount of good music and good laughter(and of course good drinks) Johnnie Walker finally announced their new bottle! The big botther of the pretty Gold Label!

Of course after performances there are obviously more good music throughout the night to get everyone pumped up. It was the first time in a long time where I’ve felt sad to actually having to leave a drinking event, the music was so good!

of course the DJ made it all possible. The minute she came up on stage everyone was just taking photos of her. She had the most coolest look for a DJ, ever! That and the music she played really fit her image!

Here’s another pic of her. Btw photos all credits to SuTing coz she was crazy(and awesome)enough to run around the place to take photos! Make sure you check out her blog too for more updates!

Here’s a group photo to end the great night we’ve had! Again thank you Johnnie Walker for having us for the night, make sure you check out their facebook page if you don’t wanna miss out on their other events!

Have a great week ahead guys, till then


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