Beauty Expo, Sephora, Diva haul

Last weekend was good, well, partly because I finally get to go on a beauty(well I call it the necc item)haul. Ever since the wedding and also the moving house, I’ve yet to really scout around for things to try, it was getting to me after awhile, considering what beauty addict I was but I guess(though I hate to admit) it was def for the better, imagine all the new things in the bags and you haven’t even had a chance to look at it because you are so busy running around the place to finishing up errands(what horror=p)

I did manage to convince Nate to go to the beauty expo with me, so off we went. My thoughts on the beauty expo? I was actually rather disappointed, I was really hoping for more makeup items but they had heaps of nail and hair products, which to me wasn’t as exciting, that and most of the brands I’m not too interested in since I already have a good amount of their products.
I did however pick up a few items, mainly hairspray and Nate’s hairgel since we haven’t really replenish any of these items, and now that my hair is growing, the need for the hairspray has been well, more important lately. I’m not gonna show what we picked up for Nate since they are just the normal wax from Oasis+, but here are some bed head products that I picked up along with some other brands that you might be familiar with. I have to admit I might have gone overboard with the products but you can’t blame me since they were only going for RM20 per bottle. I thought it’s a really good deal since I pay much more on a normal day basis for the same product
Schwarzkopf hairsprays are usually the ones I purchase, mainly coz I’ve only used these and they work for me but I also picked up the Loreal spray since I’ve seen so many people using it and I thought heck, might as well try it again. The dude who was selling it told me it was a much softer hairspray(prolly wouldn’t hold your curls as well)but because it is rather light, and it smells good, it works as a everyday hairspray. So here are the few items that I picked up for the hair

I know this is rather odd of an item to place to a beauty haul but I also purchased a universal extension for my room.

Seem rather logical bt, universal plugs, fire,lighting proof and best bit of all? It’s got a USB cable so I can just plug my phone in with the USB cable and it will start charging! Massive convenience! It came with 4 other funky colors but I stuck with the classic white/grey one since the furnitures in my rooms are towards that color scheme.

2 other bedhead product I picked up from the expo. I also drop by Sephora(coz I didn’t really get what I was looking for) and picked up Percy and Reed’s haircare. I had their sample from Sephora prior to this and used their shampoo and conditioner while  I was at the Kiss Me party on Saturday, fell in love with it and decided to try some of their products. Didn’t end up buying the shampoo coz I still have nearly a few months supply worth of shampoo but I did need a heat protectant for my hair and I saw they had a dry conditioner, which was quite new to me.
Ok, just give me a minute(or 2, or less depending on how fast you read) but oh my dear brownies lord, the dry conditioner is SO FREAKING AMAZING. I sprayed it on my dry hair not expecting much, I mean I’ve had heaps of other leave in conditioner before and they didn’t work that quickly or fast, but this baby gave instant results. My hair feels so much softer immediately and it just didn’t feel as unruly as before, best bit? It smells soooo good! I’m def def def gonna be repurchasing this!! Might even check out their other range of products too coz this was just ah-mazing

picked up a eyeshadow brushes since I don’t have a proper one and also a concealer brush(have always been using my hand but it’s starting to become a nuisance since I always get diff colors on my fingers before applying my concealer =.=)

and my biggest purchase of the lot! Since my hair is getting significantly longer, and my hair straightener just don’t cut it anymore when it comes to curling my hair, I’ve decided to invest on a proper hair curler! Love this, haven’t quite used it yet since I haven’t had time/chance to do so but I’m def excited!

And that’s the beauty items aside, DIVA IS HAVING A SALE(only in KLANG jusco outlet tho I think) but I picked up ALL OF THESE ITEMS FOR RM6 EACH!!!(yes ignore the tag it’s really only RM6). They had this RM30 for 5 items so it broke down to around RM6 per piece, mega good deal I tell you.

How often do you come across a sale from DIVA for RM6 per piece? yes, all these necklaces were only RM6

and this too, though I haven’t quite decided what I’m gonna wear it with just yet.

of course I had to pick up some rosegold accessories,

and more bracelets. the blue bracelet was RM21 for a set of 3 tho(so the 2 blue bracelet and the gold one). Was a little pricier and I was a little =( since it wasn’t considered part of the sales but heck, was still on sale and still considered really good price for a Diva piece.

Ending the post with my OOTD last Sunday!

Happy Tuesday guys!

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