Taiwan recap

So sorry for the long hiatus! I had a very fruitful week, infact it was a little more than fruitful because we went to Taiwan over the week
Of course Taiwan wasn’t the only highlight, the week before we were very fortunate to be invited to WMS’s blacktie dinner. For those who don’t know what it is just read it up here *Click*
Why it’s awesome? Well because Manoah is one of the sponsors!

Of course we had to have a photobooth, heaps of people went a little cray on this. Still laughing at the polaroids!

That and Steadtler had this guy who was making pencils on the spot,

So thanks for inviting us to mingle and talk with international delegates=)

Then just last Thursday, me, Nate and Chris flew off to Taipei for a very short weekend getaway. Nate has always been bugging me on how he wants to visit the bookstores and since there’s a public holiday this week, we thought we’d take some time off work and fly over for the weekend.
I had some new makeup items I got to try for the trip which I was really excited, and I can’t wait to share it with you guys in my next few blogpost because I really loved it!

Really glad the Note 3 came in handy
We did all our homework on where to go and what to do on the plane because we were all so swamp with work we couldn’t make time to actually sit down and discuss. Lucky thing I snap a photo of the map on my Note 3 because I think we left the map on the plane(never found it after we left the airport =.=)

How I feel about Taiwan?

Words cannot express how much me, nate and chris loved it. It was such a comfortable city to be travelling in. Heaps of good food, nice shopping areas and most importantly it was a very safe city. We could roam around the streets safely without having to worry about being snatch or robbed which was such a good change for the weekend
Of course the weekend was a little insane considering Nate brought his best buddy friend along, I kid you not they were 2 big boys who acted like kids fighting over ice cream and food =.=, hilarious scene I kid you not, and Chris was sporting enough to be goofy around photos and videos

A very good weekend indeed but now I”m back in Malaysia with heaps of new makeup and travelling tips to share so stay tuned for my next blogpost(which probs will go up tomorrow anyways HAHA)

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