Tema BB cream! My Taipei makeup saviour!

If there was one thing I was extremely happy about my Taipei trip, it would be how my skin turned out in the photos throughout the trip
I was given a new product to try just right before my trip and I must be honest it wasn’t something I was extremely comfortable with because I hardly use products of this nature as much. Yup, if you follow me long enough on my blog you’d know that BB creams are not usually my fav, and the most I’ve raved about was my Chanel CC cream which I then kinda forgot about since I have a better foundation that sat alot better on my skin.
I was still really excited to try though, reason being coz the brand is also produces one of my absolute love concealer and I figured if they were to come out with anything of a concealing/foundation product, I’m sure it’d be equally awesome!
Yup, it’s the K-Palette Zero Tema BB cream!
My makeup bag for Taiwan was really simple, infact it only consisted of these few products

yup, not even a setting powder for the BB cream, I was def risking it HAH
On the first day I tried it I was so happy that I brought it along with me on my Taiwan trip. The BB cream is AWESOME! Not only it had a very smooth coverage, it was also extremely moisturising, heckit’s the only BB cream I know that contains hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid, which means it will penetrate very quickly into your skin and moisturise your skin from inside out!
And just so you should know, throughout my 4 days trip in Taipei I did not buy any face cleanser but relied PURELY on facial wipes and water(yup, didn’t even bring a face wash, super brilliant =.=)
but the BB cream proved itself even more because I had no breakouts throughout my trip, and removal of the BB cream was so easy just using the facial wipe and best bit?My makeup stayed on the WHOLE DAY without needing any touchups!

I didn’t take any photos of me wihtout makeup when I was on my trip so I snapped a few pics again today to show you the difference!
Behold, my no makeup face
I’m rather blessed with my complextion*touch wood* but apart from some redness and dullness I haven’t got much blemishes I need to cover on a constant basis. Still most time without makeup will make me look very sick

The color is fairly light against my hands, only coz I tan alot since I drive quite often(no thanks to my non tinted car windows)

But on my face it blends it just well, infact just the right color coz it really really brightens up my whole complexion

So okay, easy application, easy removal, moisturizing, yeah sounds like a pretty good deal but with all the other BB cream in the market, what makes this Tema BB cream so amazing? I’m glad you asked(If you didn’t, I’ll just pretend you’ve asked the question anyways HAHHAHA)
Well I’m not sure if you can tell via photos but this BB cream has a pearl finish! I give my glowing skin’s credit all to the ingredients of the BB cream, even Nate said the bb cream is far better than all the other foundations I’ve previously have used coz of the brightening skin effect! and if you aren’t convinced just yet, it also has  a good SPF30 PA++ to protect your skin from the sun!

I freaking love it!

You can find the BB cream from selected SASA outlets at RM59.90. They come in 2 color, a light color and number 2: natural, which is the one I’m currently using.
However, if you do have a slightly darker skin tone this might be a little to fair for you but you can use it around your T Zone and cheekbone area to give your skin a more 3D look as it really does brighten up your skintone!!
Otherwise follow K-Palette on their Facebook Page and check out some of their other stuff! They have my fav concealer(managed to convince so many people with their concealer coz it’s really amazeballs of a product!)
Ah what we are already towards the end of October! Far out man!

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