Skincare addiction!

After my trip from Taipei, I received a very beautiful package from Emily Quak. If you don’t follow here already on her blog you really should(She does amazing makeup tutorial). The package consist of Dior’s new Capture Totale series, which they were much kind enough to give me travel size samples to try the new series out. If you guys know me well, you’d know that I’m mega picky when it comes to serum and face mask. I’ve yet to find really good serum(too sticky of a consistency) or one that has convinced me enough that the products actually work after application. Well I have to admit now that I’m addicted to these 2 products. The skin boosting super serum, yes super serum is amazeballs!
Not only it’s a very light consistency, it also gets absorbs very quickly into the skin. I’ve always had have trouble with my dull skin, I might not get much breakouts, thank lord but ah man, my pores and skin dullness has always been something I’ve been trying to improve one.
Here’s how the serum look

Mind you I don’t have a before picture but as you can tell, just by applying JUST the serum, my skin looks pretty darn acceptable here.

Then we have the masque, the masque was advised to us to use once or twice a week, and upon application all you gotta do is wait for a good 10-15 minutes and just wipe whatever’s excess off. To be honest I’m a little skeptical at first, I always dislike having my skin to feel a little sticky after masque application so I always wash them off slightly after.

To my surprise, there wasn’t much need for this mask, and it works FREAKING AMAZINGLY well. I mean I know I should be applying the mask before applying the serum(but I forgot so I applied the mask after the serum) but still can you see the difference of the skin after applying the mask!!
Love love LOVE IT.

Then it’s on to my makeup routine, which since coming back from Taiwan, I’ve changed quite a few products coz my skin has been doing so well since I’ve started using the Dior products  which I will later blog about.

Well thanks to Emily, I’ve also received 4 complimentary sample size lipsticks from Dior. Mind you i’m a huge fan of lipsticks so these was secretly my most excited product of the lot when I open the box HAHA.

These are their signature colours for the new collection and I must say I really like them all. I’m usually one for the more subtle colours but man, these 4 colours are beautiful. Formulation as you can expect from Dior is nothing but amazing, creamy lipsticks. I have to say though these lipsticks are a little on the sheer side compared to some of my other lipsticks but it’s probs better this way because you can work our way up with the colours.

Same colours different lighting swatches

My personal fav?
Def the 999. I’ve always love a good red lipstick.  Even more so when they are moisturising and when the red is not too “whoaaaa super red lipstick red”. The 999 is subtle enough to be a everyday lipstick but if you build the colours on, you can def have it as a going out night red sexy lipstick too.

My next fav was a surprised, I initially thought I’d like the coral Trafalgar 2nd, but to my surprise, Darling was my next fav lipstick colour! It’s just the right pink lipstick that won’t go wrong. I’d say the pink works on all skin shades coz it’s just such a natural pink!

Then their nude lipstick colour, Grège 1947.  What can I say, it’s a nude lipstick. I however can it’s def a must try if you aren’t huge on lipstick and are always on a constant lookout for “THE” nude lipstick.

and finally Trafalgar. It’s def sheerer than I thought i’d be but works quite well on asian skin colour too. I’d say the colors quite similar to Grège 1947 but just with a slight pop of coral so if you are a little bored of the normal nudes but still not up for a red/pink lipstick, this might be something you’d like

Words cannot describe how much I’m loving my skin care routine at the moment. My pores have shrunk significantly and my skin without makeup is so much brighter and more radiant now. Love love love and I just truly cannot thank Dior and Emily for the opportunity!

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