Floral Walll DIY

Floral wall has always  been on my “Want” list ever since Vicky showed me a wallpaper a few years back. *yes I blame you Vicky*
So we didn’t really know what to do with the balcony. I don’t generally like the balconies because they are extremely easy to be dusty and cleaning is always a chore, that and it’s never really that pretty of a place since everyones balcony looks quite the same
Me and Nate searched online and figured since we don’t have a garden, we’d have artificial grass on the balcony since the rain doesn’t really get into the balcony anyways during heavy rainfall.
So that was then I realised hey, I could DIY my own floral wall!
I didn’t know how to start, the only reference I had was this picture Vicky showed me aeons back

So knowing it’s gonna be a lot of work, I turned on Air View on my Note 3(Thank God for technology) so my hands can be occupied with something else

Oh trust me the Air View sure did come in handy, the amount of times I’ve burned myself with the hot glue gun is unbelievable!
But I’m sure you’ll find it relatively easy, I’m quite a klutz myself so you might not hurt yourself at all during the process of hot glue gunning(I don’t know the exact word for it but I’m sure I just made that word up)
You can get something like this from Daiso for just about RM5 so super cheap and inexpensive, of course if you have a better hot glue gun, please use it. I think mine is already broken from this mini project!

Then you need strings/ropes whichever you fancy. Personally I find these looking really good with the flowers

Depending on your wall colour, I opted for the brown ropes that I got from Daiso

Of course flower walls aren’t really flowel walls if you had no flowers. I picked these up from Kaison for my last few projects and didn’t wanna waste it so I just reused them!

Ok so finally you’d need a wall, Measuring how long you want the ropes to be is always a good idea. I recommend giving it an extra 20CM length so you can tie the rope at the very end to the stick to hang the flowers up

so then here’s the fun part. You need to have the flowers out from their stems, then attaching the rope to it by having hot glue on it.

Space them accordingly to your liking and once you are done, you will have a string of flowers

Repeat the process depending on how many strings you’d like to have depending on the width of your wall

Tie it to a stick, I got mine from Daiso again but if you have a broomstick that you are not using, feel free to use that stick instead

I used these to hold the sticks, the only reason why I’ve decided to use these hooks is so if I do decide to change the flower decoration, I can do it easily just by taking the stick down. Make sure you get one that can and will attach to your wall very securely.

that’s it!
This is how it looks so far, I’m gonna be adding more strings of flower coz it does look relatively empty right now.

Hope you’ve enjoyed the tutorial
I am mega in love with the flowers and I can’t wait to have a few more strings to the wall so it looks fuller. Once that’s done it’s just the tables and chairs left and I will have my own garden balcony!

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