My lil experience with the Note 3 so far.

So last week was really hectic! Had Hennessy Artistry going on, went for a really REALLY pretty place for tea, and most importantly I finally had time to actually draft out my Note 3 blogpost!
Ever since I’ve gotten my Note 3(yeah I actually purchased the Note after it launched) and I just really have been loving it! I’ve always been a huge fan of the Note series, big screen big battery, honestly what’s there not to like?
Fair enough I’ve written a review on the S3, Note 2, and S4, I’d say it’s pretty boring if I were to go all what the android phones can do all over again so let me talk about what I actually love about my Note 3 ok?=D
First thing first,
The Appearance

To be honest, the first question I always get is, isn’t the phone too big, I mean for a girl it’s okay coz it fits into their bag but for a guy?
But I honestly don’t get why people ask that question, the phone fits comfortably well in a guy’s work pants pocket. I would know because Nate often safeguard my phone for me when we are out at events, keeps it in his pocket with no troubles at all! That, and Nate himself is using a Note 2 and even if you offer any other phones to him(apart from the Note 3) he’d happily say no coz he loves his Note 2 so much!

The phone is also extremely light so it’s really not that big of a deal considering it’s slightly bigger than other phone models.

Ok, now on to the other stuff that I personally LOVE about the phone
The Battery
Like all other Note phones, this phone battery last me for ages. I’m a crazy phone addict,
Just one charge, so no recharging during the day,
On an Iphone, my battery would generally last me till about 2PM max
On the S4, my battery will last me till around 6-7PM
and on the Note 3 it will last me safely till 10PM each day.

Of course if you aren’t of a crazy user like me, you’d probably get through a day and half with the battery. I just happen to be on Facebook/social media platforms on like every 5 minutes basis =.=

The Screen
Now we all know that the Note 3 has a huge screen, honestly I haven’t thought much about it until I started using instagram on my phone. Man photos on Facebook/Instagram or even on your phone has never been much pleasing to the eye. Not only you get sharp and crisp photos using the inbuilt camera, the photos you view on social media platforms are always so much more pleasing to the eye too coz of the screen clarity

Of course you have the pen,which is what makes the Note 3 so amazing

Hah, this is a random pic I manage to draw and crop out for my Asahi night the other weekend

From the normal screen write to search, the Note 3 also consist of 2 other features that is really worth mentioning

My fav?

Screen write!
Imagine taking a photo then being able to write on the photo and then saving it straight as a JPEG file! Won’t be explaining on this much because it’s quite straight forward and you can find plenty of youtube videos online on this but there’s another feature I’d like to talk about which is quite new to all of us
The links memos to action
Pretty much you write something, and it’d detect your handwriting and link it to an action so you can do different stuff. You usually can write out a bunch of numbers/ words and have it to do an action to save time

So all you gotta do is write a couple of numbers on your note, then click on the bubble action

and the phone will automatically select the handwritten part and detect it and turn it into different actions

You can then select different actions such as calling a person to saving their number or even searching it up on google if thats what you were planning to do with what you’ve written.

Camera wise, I’d say it has the same features as what the S4 has, but with one additional extra feature which is the surround shot!
Like all your other 360 camera view/photo stitch application, this works the same, but of course, inbuilt!

Extremely easy to work with. I usually use this for just normal panoramic shot but I can see this super useful if you are an interior designer!

So okay, bet heaps of people want to know about the camera resolution and how the pictures turns out, well here’s some photos I manage to take from the phone that I’ve yet to edit!

and night time photos! I took this at Hennessy Artistry. Double yay! and yes for those who are wondering why I’m looking a slight different, I now officially have bangs and Nate’s not too happy about it =.= I have to push it aside to actually have him respond to my questions =.=

SO yah, I guess that’s pretty much about it so far. I personally am loving the phone but if you have any other questions feel free to ask me about it(leave a comment or email me if you want) and I’ll get back to you on it ASAP
Or, if you already have a Note 3, check out the app Galaxylifstyle OR head onto to find more info about what you can do with your phone! The app covers 6 different categories in life and you might just find a trick or tip that will be useful for you.
YAY IT’S ANOTHER HOLIDAY TOMORROW!! No more Monday Blues I guess =p

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