Hennessy Artistry 2013

So Hennessy Artistry this year was pretty fun! Me, Nate, Nelson and Alicia went there together in a car, was perhaps the best decision we’ve mad because we had a rather bad experience with parking, that said though, traffic this year was quite good as it only took us around half hour to reach the place after our dinner at Kota Damansara
Pictures courtesy to Nelson as I didn’t bring my camera with me this time round. Dress this time around was a result of last minute shopping on that Saturday itself from Zara. I don’t have much bright red dresses so me and Nelson went Pavi to shop when Nate was in Taiping.
Love the dress though, love how it’s very wearable on other occasions too. That and yes I had a new haircut. I personally really like it but Nate is not too fond of the bangs =.=. I had to literally shove my bangs to the side to get his attention to talk to me each time =.=. He now refers me as the “flat head tribe” which is superbly annoying =.= Ah heck, since we are married I guess he will just have to deal with it!

We arrived at about 9.30PM, just in time for the party to start I guess=p

Initially quite worried about the queue but thank goodness there wasn’t any line at all and we manage to get our passes in super fast! Of course the next step was to take the much compulsory photo with the backdrop HAHA

Like every other Hennessy Artistry events, you’ll find the very familiar setting to the place itself

there was plenty of drinks of course, responsible drinking would be much encourage at any time=p
I’ve always been a fan of Hennessy Berry but this time around I find myself enjoying Hennessy Apple much more, guess I’m either craving for apple juice that day or, it’s signs of me turning old because my tastebuds are changing =.=”””

Performances that night was really good! I couldn’t resist not taking any photos despite me not having my camera so I figured hey, I have my Note 3, why not take put the dual camera into good use. Turned out pretty well don’t you reckon?

The lighting that night was really pretty, we have some really awesome photos taken by Isaac(so check out his blog soon) and you’ll understand what I mean.

Of course the best things about parties is always meeting new and old friends. I’ve met heaps of people that night, highschool friends even! I seem to always at least bump into one of my high school friend  at events like that which is really cool because we had only a handful of students in our year, that and most the students are abroad now!
But there’s always the usual party go-ers

HAHA I think Don looks so cool with his shades and naww I just realised Zana and Don were both wearing blue! They def stood out since a good majority of everyone else was  wearing red/black LOL.

Meh, trying to find a good angle to take photos with a new haircut is never easy! Ah well, guess I’ll have to more homework now

Great night? Yeah you bet! We even drop by for supper after our partying session! Thanks so much to Manoah and Hennessy Artistry for the passes! Def a way to kick start the end of year parties and did you realise? We are nearly the end of 2013 yo!

Have a great Wednesday guys!

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