October Favs!

Ok, without an October favs I always feel like I’ve not bid a proper goodbye to the month of October.
There are a few that I know I just purchase at the end of October but already am mega loving it and I thought I should share it here before the month passes and well, they aren’t in stock anymore since it’s limited edition.
First item, the christmas edition nail polish by Chanel, Rose Moirè. I freaking love it! It’s a quite off a rose gold colour with more pink hue to it. Super super gorgeous and it’s just that perfect subtle shiny pink colour. I’d say the colour of the polish looks exactly like what you see from the bottle so def not a dissapointment when you apply it on.

This is another fav of mine for this month. I haven’t quite moved all my nail polish over so I had to pick a few to use for the whole month. I’m quite glad I picked this to bring over. Ive forgotten how much I actually like this colour! Color is super pretty and the formulation is super awesome!

As for the eyes, I’ve been loving these two cream shadow for the month of October.  I’ve not used much other eyeshadow for the matter of fact, I’ve recently purchased the colour Initiation by Chanel and I must say I’m very impressed by the formulation of the shadow. As for the other colour eyeshadow by MAC, I picked it up when I was on my Bahamas trip last year and I’ve totally forgotten about it since. Started using it again when I was cleaning up my makeup stash and have not stop using it since.

Here’s how they look like up close. The MAC Paintpot is more of a creamy texture, similar to the maybelline colour tattoo eyeshadow texture so nothing too new there.

And the swatch for it. It’s brilliant to do a smokey eye look with it but if you want something more suitable for a daytime look, you can use it just a tad around where you usually apply your eyeliner and you’d be good to go. Stays on all day without smudging or creasing so def a yay for me for the month.

This is a cheat fav, they only recently got launched but I’ve not stop using it since I’ve had it. Formulation and texture wise, well I’d say it’s a little different. It feels more like a powder+slight cream, almost like your talcum kinda texture(the ones where you have to add water to the baby powder).  I really really like the staying power too, of course it doesn’t crease or smudge throughout the day but what I really really love about this eyeshadow is how pretty it is when you apply it on your skin

It’s that beautiful bronze colour that is subtle enough to be an every occasion powder but you can also build it up to make it more glam. It’s got this slight gold glitter flecks and ahhh I just really cannot stop staring at the pot of eyeshadow!

So enough about eyeshadow, let’s talk about skin products! I’ve been using this rather religiously ever since I bought it from Taipei. Glad NARS is opening in Malaysia soon because I can already see myself restocking on this baby. For those who are familiar with the Strobe cream from MAC, it works exactly the same but in a lighter much watery consistency. Pretty much a brightening serum to apply before applying your foundation and it really does brighten up your skin!

My foundation go to for the month has been the YSL Touche Éclat. I’m rather reluctant to use it coz I know repurchasing this is def gonna be a challenge given that there’s no YSL makeup counter in Malaysia but staying away from the foundation is just too difficult! It finishes matte, last the whole day without my skin feeling like it’s been put on a lot of work and I really like how it sits on my skin. If you get a chance I def recommend this foundation.

As for mask, it would have to be this Dior mask I got from Emily as a trial set. I did a full blogpost on this before so Im not gonna elaborate on this further but if it sits well within you budget I’d def recommend you to try this mask.

Hand care,
Well, not a surprise but I’ve been using hand creams much more often now that me and Nate’s moved out. All the plates washing sure has dried my hands out quite a fair bit. I realised I’ve also been super picky with my hand creams, I don’t really like the very rich consistency ones as much now during the day as it would mean I’d get the oily sticky feeling when I have to wash my hand coz it’s not completely absorbed into my skin yet so this Caudalie Handcream has been my fav this month. It’s light, does the job and smells pretty good.

Hair conditioner? Yeah you bet I have one, I’ve been mega loving this dry hair conditioner by Percy and Reed! Def repurchasing it. Smeellls amazing, my hair feels immediately softer after  I just can’t think of any reason to not like it(well, maybe I can, perhaps they could be a tad less expensive?=p )

and one non beauty related fav for the month.
This relaxation spray I’ve been spraying on my pillow before I go to bed. Ive been having trouble sleeping ever since moving to the new place but this really does help calm and relax me before going to sleep.

So there you go, all my last months fav!
What’s yours? Leave a comment below!
Gonna start my OOTD again soon but man I’m so glad it’s Thursday today!

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