Morning care. Items that just work

So it’s the very much dreaded Monday again, and so here’s a short but yet very straight to the point blogpost that you might find very useful, considering that it is also items you’d probably use everyday/ more than once a day I sure hope
My skincare/oral care routine has always been extremely consistent. I don’t change it for a good reason, I don’t know what’s good and since it works already, why change right?
The only concerns I have are
Skincare- Generally pleased but still a little upset at how my skin gets a little oily throughout the long day
Oral Care- Can we talk about the amount of blood I have to spit out every morning due to brittle gums? Man no joke, Nate I’m sure experience this every morning because if anyone he’d have the most sensitive gum ever. Plus ulcers and sore throats, it’s a never ending cycle

SO recently, yes you’ve guessed it, I’m actually gonna be talking about a toothpaste. What can a toothpaste possibly do right? I mean, it’s just another toothpaste. Well that’s what I thought, until I started using it a week ago. Well truth be told I’m suppose to write a review on this toothpaste after 2 weeks but since a week was sufficient to see results, might as well right!

Before I go right into it, let me tell you what this toothpaste would do other than protecting your gum
– Gargle with it when you have sore throat to help reduce inflammation
– Apply it on ulcers(don’t swallow it of course) and see the pain reduce!

so hope I’ve got your attention now because cheng cheng cheng
Let me introduce you to the TruCare NanoSilver Toothpaste. Received it as a review item and man I’m really glad I actually signed up for a review for this awesome toothpaste

Let me briefly tell you why the Trucare Nanosilver toothpaste actually works.  I asked Nate last night before I wrote this and his exact words were “Hmmmm… you know what, the gum bleeding has actually reduced.. I didn’t expect the toothpaste to actually work.”I believe(well it really worked for me and heaps of other people, you can google up the reviews if you don’t trust me) credit goes to it’s AG+ RapidHeal Factor, in english pretty much charged silver particles to help the healing process. Some dental clinics sells  their products too  you know!

Alright so it works, but where to get it? Well, guess what? Like all other awesome stuff you can actually purchase the toothpaste online *here* or if you are feeling lucky enough, head over to their FACEBOOK Page because they are giving away FREE SAMPLE so CLICK HERE or to get yourself a sample and try it out! Trust me, I’ve never been this excited over a toothpaste LOL.

Ok to my other skin concern, this has been also extremely useful in my daily skincare routine. I’ve just had my first try today with it, and I must say I’m impressed with the results! Will blog about this soon because it really deserves a full posting on it but if you can’t wait, head over to major pharmacies to purchase them and try it for yourself because they only cost a good RM20.90!

So that concludes my recent 2 new fav no nonsense, it just works items =D

Happy Monday y’all
here’s my OOTD to end the post
Loving my floral wall!

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