Wordless Thursday

Haven’t done a wordless post in some time now. Since there’s been a few things I’m trying to not quite care, what else than to take pretty photos of pretty things to cheer myself up right. Well incase you are wondering, these are items I picked up over the past few weeks that I found really pretty. Ah shucks, I’m horrible at wordless post, always feel the need to actually describe or at least have a small caption

Nail polishes from Chanel

Been such a fan of the amber bottles, Aesop cleanser and hand wash. Both the amber jars on the sides of the Aesop products are something I picked up from Robinson.

Diffuser from Robinson

Empty book storage from Typo, mask is a gift my mom got me when she was on was on her Italy trip.

Finally Friday tomorrow. Can’t wait for this week to end.

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