Yet another update on our home

I firstly will have to apologise for the lack of updates. I’ve been having to deal with some stuff that has required much of my time and thoughts, hence the lack of time and energy to update on the blog. On a brighter note, I’ve been spending much time on the apartment. We’ve had a few big units that came in which kinda pulls everything together. Really glad how everything turned out despite our tiny budget but I guess we will be changing how everything looks again sometime down the road but for now. This will do

This is how my living room will look, for now(refer to the pic above). Well at least till I add all the paintings and other decors in but for now in terms of big furnitures, it’s pretty much set(Yes, still lacking the bloody coffee table, it’s taking really just months to come it’s so freaking ridiculous!!!!!) but yes apart from the coffee table, everything else is set. We’ve installed a small top behind the sofas, figured it’s the best way to save space and have our modems, telephones and controllers hidden behind the sofa so it doesn’t take too much space on the coffee table. I really like how that top turns out tho, gave us plenty more decoration and storage space and it sits just right behind the sofa so we didn’t had to push our sofas forward too uch.

Yes, I love how now I can decorate the living room without having to take up much of the other table top space. Nate is always bugging me about how my decor items is taking much functional space up so this fixes his problem instantly! Plus it’s a good space for people to leave their phones and what nots when they come rather than having to chuck it all on the table where the drinks will probably be.

My dining area is almost done
Now i lack chairs, small christmasy trees and some centrepieces for the dining area. I love how it turned out tho, it’s not that much of a dining table to be honest, it’s actually more like a bar counter but it works out just well for us. A lot of people asked why we didn’t just settle with a dining table, reason being because the dining table will be in the way between the walkway to our bedrooms and the kitchen and it just wouldn’t look right.
Well time to get a bar stool from Ikea!

Well the other reason why I really like my bar counter is the extra storage space I have now. I can now put all my cups(I have a massive obsession for cups) and plates just here and not have nate to nag about how many cups I’ve bought!HAHA

But perhaps my absolute fav area would be my tea area. I know I’ve previously had a tea area but I had to move away all my rice cooker and stuff just to get that previous spot so it wasn’t that wise of a choice. Now I have a proper spot for everything and all I need now is just cup holders to hold my cups up!

and perhaps nate’s fav spot right now
The TV area. Well it still looks a tad empty but it will do for now until we figure out what sound system we will be buying for the TV. The TV cabinet is a darn good storage area I must say so. The wall looks a lil blah at the moment so might just get the moment paint to paint the wall to give the area a bit oomph..perhaps that or just wall stickers will do the trick.

Ah midweek already
Have you guys done your christmas shopping list yet?
I’m just about to start, advent calendar DIY perhaps?

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