Christmas decor DIY

I hate having to apologise each time I start a blogpost but my body has really gone a little cray. I was down with a fever yesterday and now my body is aching like there’s no tomorrow. Will def have to visit the doctor again because my joints are aching so badly.
Since I can’t really do much or move around the house. I thought I’d gather some christmas inspiration online to share with you guys, incase you are also planning to DIY your christmas deco but don’t have time.
Most items you need can be found either from your local craft store or even IKEA if you really don’t stay near a craft store.
we’ll start on presents. I’m a huge fan of christmas presents, buying and receiving them so I absolutely love the idea of an advent calendar.
Nothing like small lil notes everyday to the person you love ey

You can find other information here

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Or maybe DIY snow globes are a pretty neat idea too

If you of course don’t have access to fake snow, styrofoam would do too! or even white glitters!
See how Martha steward does it!

Anyone planning to DIY their Christmast? I thought it’d be a really cool idea! Once I get better I probs will start on the snow anything you’d like to try differently this year?

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