Last night!

OH last night was good fun! All thanks to Manoah consulting and Don, me and Nate had an excuse to head out midweek to kick the midweek blues away! Most importantly, it was at The Roof(which is awesome because it’s just minutes drive away) and it was FMFA’s 2014 pre party with DJ Chuckie! Guy is awesome man, I was really enjoying the music last night and actually didn’t need much drinks to hype myself up! probs a good thing because I didn’t wanna drink that much since I’ve just been feeling better but enough words, here’s some photos I manage to take with Suting, such a win because I didn’t bring my camera HAHA

That said tho, I did rely on my trusty Note 3 to take a few photos for my Facebook update. I had so much fun taking photos of the place because of the pretty lights, trust me the place looks freaking amazing! Kinda reminds me of like those club you see in those american dance films. Right right?
No joke, I particularly love the huge ass fans that changes colour! You guys should really check out Play at the Roof if you are heading out because honestly, it’s pretty darn awesome.

Anyways here’s some photos taken by Sutings camera. Nate was feeling so lazy to head out and I almost didn’t get to go with him last night because he was lazing in bed, he’s reasoning was that he didn’t had a hair gel and his cologne(we are staying at my parents atm). Then when I really thought I had to drive out alone, he decided to change and get dressed anyways and head out, I knew it! He just can’t say no to Asahi =p

I was well, bullying Suting because I was trying to steal her drink. Though it was unnecc because they had plenty of Asahi beer ready for us but still, stealing drinks from friends are always fun LOL

Love you long time girl, can’t believe you are leaving to NZ so soon!

I’ve also spontaneously decided on doing Vlogmas this year. It’s gonna be my very first time doing it because well, I’m determine to make this month a memorable one so here’s my very first entry log! I’m gonna be vlogging snippets of my life everyday until the end of the year, and then countdown and a few days of Jan till I come back from London!I might not be uploading all the episodes on my blog because I don’t blog on the weekends so if you are keen to see what’s happening, follow me on my Youtube Channel!

Oops, running late now so I better dash!
Countdown one day to FRIDAY! Happy Thursday guys!

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