Clarasonic Brush. Topshop Haul

Yes as titled
I finally got my Clarasonic brush!
So excited! It’s charging now so I thought I’d do a blogpost on what’s in the box for those who are interested. Jess purchased it from Haute Avenue
but before that! Here’s my 2nd day Vlog! I’ve decided to go with what everyone else is calling it and call it Vlogmas!

OK more details about the brush. If you’ve watched the video you know that I got an extra brush head because mine was damage in the process of shipping. So here’s everything out of the box

Here’s a closer look of the brush head. I actually have a different facial cleanser but if you’ve seen that before you’d know that the brush head isn’t as compact as the clarasonic ones. THis actually reminds me of lions mane coz of the compacity but I guess thats how it will work well to get rid of the blackheads and stuff on your skin. I’ve yet to try it, it’s still charging so I have to patiently wait till tonight to give it a shot(first charge is 24 hours!) To be honest, I’m kinda glad mine got damage during shipping LOL, this means the extra brush head will save me from having to repurchase the brush in 3 months time. It’s not like the original brush was so damaged to the point I cannot use it so I’m just gonna stick with it first.

So I”m guessing the cover is given for those who wants to travel and need to pack the brush along. THey also gave a cleansing gel which I prob will never use but guess it’s good to have if I’m going on a holiday since the packaging is so small.

So here’s what’s so special about the Clarasonic Brush. It is waterproof, so meaning you can use it when you are in your showers(well my other brush also has the same advantage) but this comes with a magnetic charger. I was charging it last night and Nate came home. It wasn’t a few minutes till he found out the clarasonic brush and started playing with the magnetic charger by taking it away and putting the charger back. All I heard was the vibrating sound and I didn’t thought much of it until I turn my chair around and saw nate playing with it =.=”” I had to shoo him off because I didn’t want it to affect the charging speed =.= but seriously who would have thought a magnetic charger like this would get him so interested

I’ve also picked up a few things from Topshop, which I mentioned in the video so I won’t go into details but today will be exciting because I’m picking up my RM1000 voucher from La Senza!! Excited much!
Happy Friday guys!Cl

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