Rain rain please don’t stay

No vlog for yesterday because it was such a fail day, i started with hey here’s my breakfast and literally the next clip is ok i’m just about to end the day coz it was such a crazy day..so I’m just gonna combine it together with today’s footages.
Back on the blogging note
I generally dislike the rainy season because it is depressing and very..wet, which is quite inconvenient to do heaps of things and with the rain being so acidic, it’s easy to fall sick during this weather if you had to go under the rain.
There are a few things that I quite enjoy tho, I have to say it’s perfect excuse to be wearing or doing things as such when the weather isn’t as hot as sunny.
I find these items extremely soothing and does help get rid of the depressing weather
For starters, drinks are always extremely helpful. I find myself always a little more cheerful after a good cup of tea. Current addiction?
T2’s Melbourne Breakfast

Well of course my other recent night addiction has been the very all awesome hot chocolate drink. I just find it alot more reasonable to drink hot chocolate when the weather is cooler, at least you don’t feel all sweaty before you go to bed which is such a put off.

Candles are also another way to cheer myself up. Been leaning to more spicy and heavier scents when the weather is rainy. I’m not sure bout you but I find candles put me to sleep much better than a cup of hot cocoa.

Bring out the cute sweaters you’ve been saving girls! I know staying in malaysia means there’s hardly ever a chance to wear cute winter clothings. So our next option? the rainy season. I find sweaters extremely extremely adorable but most the time it just isn’t such a great idea because the weather is so hot all we wanna do is hide in an air conditioned room. So with the rainy weather, it’s just a good excuse to be wearing these out without having people to stare at us as though we are really cray peeps.

and my fav bit of all, is being able to put on heavier makeups. With the lack of sun and all I find brighter and darker colors alot more acceptable during the day.
I’ve been loving the Captive lipstick by MAC and also the blush which is the Whole Lotta Love color. They go together really well and just gives a nice pop to your cheeks and lips

Probs can’t tell the blusher here because it’s faded off since I’ve applied it since the morning but I really have been loving the makeup combination I get to try during the rainy season.

Also, rainy weather gives us the much horrible excuse of being “emo” hahaha. I find during weathers like these I tend to get alot more emotional(I blame hormones) but when I get emo, I like to find apps on my phone and snap away.
Finally got on board with the VSCOCAM app and I’ve been really full on when it comes to editing my photos. If you’ve already followed me on Dayre, account name : yukikotan. you’d seen these pictures already but if you haven’t here you go! I’m loving how the pictures always turn out all vintagey with all the filters.

So ending the post with my OOTD.

So that’s about it for my rainy season fav, what are yours?
Tomorrow’s a public holiday, much plans?

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