Naked 3 Review

So over the weekend Nate asked me what I wanted to do, seeing we had time and that my sister told me the Naked 3 palette was priced the same price in London, I figured I’d pick it up from the Sephora shops. I’ve been eyeing at the palettes for a very long time now, ever since the news leaked actually. I’m a huge fan for anything rosegold so a rosegold range color for eyeshadow? Def up my alley this time! I’ve never had any naked palettes before, so this would be my first but I’ve had other Urban Decay shadow palettes so I know how the shadow quality are like

The box also comes with 4 pods of eyeshadow primer as samples so pretty convi.
Sleek metal feeling box which is a good change from the naked one palette. I hated the suede feel because I knew I was gonna get it dirty if I purchased it. Infact that’s the only reason holding me back from purchasing the Naked 1 palette. The naked 2, I don’t know, Just haven’t really found a reason to bit the bullet you know.

I’m not sure about the other palettes but this one came with a very useful brush. A brush I’d actually consider using. Most time when a palette gives a brush, I never end up touching or using it because I find my own brush much better of a quality. This one however feels quite similar to the brushes I have so def keeping it in the palette for JIC emergencies.

They have a few new colors, but most colors as you can tell tend to lend towards the rosegold pink hue gradient. Very pretty I must admit but I’ve also heard much different reviews about the color not showing up on certain skincolor.

Only 3 matte colors this time around, everything else is on the glitter/shimmer side so if you are looking for a matte palette, def not this one.

So here’s the swatch!

My thoughts?
To be honest, I have to admit I’m a little disappointed. Not with the quality of course, these still glide on your skin like butter and they are extremely pigmented. I however feel that the color choices in the palettes are quite similar, like give me a few colors and I’d prob won’t be able to pinpoint the color down by their names. They do however have quite alot of brown/pink tones so if you are a person who is looking for a everyday palette, this might be something you’d wanna consider. As you can tell on my skin, the colors aren’t as obvious as it is in the palette. I think it’s because I have quite yellow undertone so the colors just blend really well on my hands LOL. I do however have quite a fair face so luckily the colors still do show up pretty well on my eyelids.

Personally I don’t think it’s a palette that is worth the hype, it’s gorgeous, it’s very pigmented and the quality is amazing, just not really I’m gonna kill for it worthy type of a palette.

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