My Christmas Fashion Style with Guinness! Giveaway time

Ah rainy day. Anyway today I have something very exciting to share!
I am doing a giveaway!!! As to what I’m giving away, you’d have to keep reading or perhaps you can already tell from my title or what I’m about to share hahahah!

I love the color black, but the color itself can be a little..erm..dull. I understand when it comes to working black is like the all time safe color but really, it does get a little monotonous at times. With Christmas coming along I’m sure there are heaps of people who wants to jazz out their outfit to look a little more cheerful.Others colors might come a little too striking of a color so I’ve decided to share with you my signature style when it comes to pairing black items for the Christmas season. I introduce to you (I’m sure alot of people would have already guess) the color GOLD! I love gold color anything. Granted my absolute fav color is rose gold I have to sometimes admit gold looks way way way better on me give any point of time!
So I thought I’d share with you a few ways to spice up your workclothes! I know I work from home but if I were to go to an office to work, these are totally the items I’d wear
Here’s what I’d pull out to wear anytime anyday during this festive season. Rustic gold jeans from Zara, or if you have something of the same shade and then just a basic black top to kinda tone down the color a little. Making sure your top is slightly longer in length(maybe around hip length) to give it the illusion of a much tamer color. And if you are up for it you can always pair it with your fav cardi. Here I’m also wearing my flats that has the gold tip to kinda match the whole outfit. Since I don’t have much accessory, I picked out my studded cardi that has the same gold color to kinda spice the top half of my body.

I understand being in Malaysia can be quite difficult coz of the hot weather so if you aren’t too keen with cardis, why not pair it with a striking gold accessory? Same stuff, same top and shoes but just ditching the cardi for a necklace of the same color.

If you are constantly stuck in the office and don’t have much running about, why not opt for some heels instead? I personally love wearing heels but sometimes too long hours of wearing them can be quite a nightmare. Here I’ve paired something more comfortable, a gold shiny top and just pairing it with my black jeans. Because the top is quite long, it sometimes can make me look even shorter than usual so the heels def come in handy. Obviously the shiny top is kinda erm shiny but hey, it’s Christmas after all!

And there are just those days, those days that you just wanna wear black, black top black jeans just black items, why not just keep it simple and spice your outfit up with gold accessories? Still looks pretty glam if you ask me=D oh or otherwise you can always do your makeup to spice things up too!

And this, this is not a work outfit but it’s def my absolute outfit of all, reason being? well because of the accessory I’m holding actually =p yup, if you are a drinker, I’m sure all these colors would remind you of the Guinness brand! No kids, here I am with my guinness can because I can! New packaging too if you’ve not noticed!

Shoes I’m wearing

But yes, this is perhaps my absolute Friday accessory! You know what they say about the color black, it’s a safe color. You can’t go wrong,and it’s always awesome!I think I can apply the same saying to Guinness! I freaking love guinness!


All you gotta do is simple! Show me your GUINNESS SIGNATURE FASHION STYLE and stand a chance to win! Yup, it’s really just that easy! So here’s the steps!
1) Dress up with your fav black or gold pieces and snap a photo
2) Upload it to your Facebook page and #celebrationofmore (make sure posting is on public) and caption it with ” I wanna win a crate of Guinness!”
3) Copy and paste the FB link in the comment box below along with your Name and email address!
Of course I will be the judge! Each crate contains 24 Guinness so yeah def fire away with the photos! Contest ends 25th December 2013 9PM so you better start snapping away!
Terms and condition:
1) Participates must fulfill all requirements stated above or I will have the right to disqualify you from this giveaway
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