Sally Hansen and Nicole by OPI giveaway!

Just the week before I flew off to London, I was very much blessed to be invited by Manoah to Sally Hansen and Nicole by OPI’s nail workshop. Now I’ve always had a thing for nail polishes, Nicole by OPI has always been one of my fav and Sally Hansen is just old classic good ol nail polish that can never fail you. With their new collection, Nate has been trying very hard to avoid me going to Watson purchasing the items! Yes, you can purchase Nicole by OPI nail polishes and Sally Hansen’s nail polish at RM29.90 from Watson(awesome stuff).
Just a brief introduction to both brands, I’m sure you need no more explanation on Sally Hansen,

their most popular item would have to be their Hard as Nail nail strengthener! I’m sure many suffer from brittle nails so this baby def would come really hand!

Then Nicole by OPI is slightly newer of a brand, but nonetheless equally awesome( click on the link that will lead you to the main website) and my personal fav brand when it comes to applying the nail polish because they have this awesome awesome brush that fans out to make the “perfect 3 strokes” possible.
Also, if you are a fan of textured nail polish, you should totally check their new Gumdrops collection out!

They have this sandlike texture upon drying and they last relatively long on the nails! So far they are less prone to chipping and that’s always a very important thing when it comes to good nail polish.
Anyways, I am going to focus on their recently launched Selena Gomez collection because I’m really really REALLY this close to purchasing the entire collection for myself!
These are the very few that really caught my attention, mainly because they are perfect for this festive season, Christmas, New Year’s countdown(what’s these days without good ol’ glitter nails ey)
Here are my personal favs!
Confetti Fun- Nicole by OPI describes it as “nothing says party like a shower of color”

Left to right : Sweet Dreams by Nicole by OPI, Inner Sparkle by Nicole by OPI, Kissed at Midnight by NIcole by OPI, Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear 600 Spark in the Dark

Nicole by OPI: Kissed at Midnight- “This romantic gold glitter is perfecy anytime”

Inner Sparkle: “Let this pink glitter shine through”

Sweet Dreams: “This Violet Tea is a dream come true”

Sally Hansen: 600 Spark in the Dark- I’d describe it as a metallic gold and black matte hex glitters with black long stripes”

And the most common feedback I get when I recommend someone glitter nail polish
– But it’s so sparkly
– Oh, too much for work I guess
– I don’t know how to apply it!
– It’s too difficult to apply lah!

bah, there are plenty of ways to apply the glitter nail polish without it not being too over the top! Of course you can go all out by layering till your whole nail is covered with glitters or have it as a top coat glitter if that’s what you are going for but if you want it to be a slight more subtle here’s a few diff ways to applying it. Might as well do a New Year nail tutorial ya. Of course I’d understand this whole week is still a working week so why not give this a shot? It’s so easy the pictures are almost self explanatory and all you need really are the nail polishes
Theme: Sparkle your way to 2014!
Required nail polish:
Nicole by OPI: Inner Sparkle OR Sweet Dreams (depending on whether you are a blue or pink person)
Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear:600 Spark in the Dark (Freaking love love love this polish, highly recommend this nail polish)

Well because all these glitter polish have a clear base, you can apply it either as a top coat or just by itself if having a different base color is too much work for you, personally these are my fav ways to applying them if you are just applying them by itself( you can also do the same thing with a base color to bring out the glitter itself)
1)Apply the nail polish just at the tip of your nail

2)Focusing the glitter polish just at the start of your nails to create the reverse french manicure effect. If the nails still look a lil plain to you apply the Spark in the Dark over it!

3)I like swapping out different colors when I’m just doing the glitter coat itself to give the nails a lil more pop of color

4)Experiment with different combination because sometimes they turn out super amazing and it’s really jsut that simple to recreate it! There won’t be much worrying of screwing up because of the base coat and random sporadic patterns of the glitter particles are much more fun anyways

And that’s how you get a sparkly new years new art without any tools/fancy techniques!

Of course if you need any other inspiration or if you have time you can always refer to this set of Nails I had for myself the past few weeks. Again, no tools needed!
Pinkie to Thumb-
Confetti Fun as top coat
Kisses at midnight as bottom accent over base coat,
Spark in the Dark over Gumdrops Blue-berry sweet on you,
Gumdrops A-Nise Treat,
Inner Sparkle as bottom accent over plain nail

Thumb to pinkie-
Inner Sparkle as base coat, Spark in the Dark as Top coat.
Sweet Dreams as base, Spark in the Dark as Top Coat.
Confetti Fun( 3 layers)
Gumdrops A-Nise Treat with gold polish as french manicure, Pretty In Plum by Nicole by OPI as slight accent
Xtreme Nail Polish by Sally Hansen (blue color base), Gum Drop-My Cherry Amour(the triangular bit), Spark in the Dark as top coat.

Anyways I have good news!
Sally Hansen and Nicole by OPI is having a giveaway together with Watson!

SHOW OFF YOUR NAIL ART AND WIN RM100 worth of Nicole by OPI prizes every week and a Grand Prize worth RM550!
Step 1: Purchase Nicole by OPI and/or Sally Hansen nail colours during the contest period
Step 2: Keep your receipt as proof of purchase
Step 3: LIKE the Nicole by OPI FB page
Step 4: Post your nail art photo on Nicole by OPI FB page
Step 5: Share it on your own FB page & tag at least 3 friends
Click here for more details! :

and for reading this far in my blogpost, I’m rewarding you guys with a GIVEAWAY!
I’m giving out 2 Bottles each to 2 readers ( Inner Sparkle by Nicole by OPI and Spark in the Dark by Sally Hansen) courtesy to Manoah and Nicole by OPI and Sally Hansen!

Here’s how!
Finish the sentence!

I love nail polishes by Nicole by OPI and Sally Hansen because _____________


Contest will end on the 2nd of January 2014 9PM and I will be announcing the winners via email so keep and eye out for your inboxes to see if you’ve won!
Think that’s all for now! I better go off to bed now because I have to be up in 5 hours time to catch my train to Paris!

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