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Happy New Year!!

I apologize for the long hiatus! Anyways, I’m announcing my winners for my Sally Hansen and OPI giveaway! Congrats to both Serah Lim and Laura Lee!! I will be in touch with you both on how to passing you both the bottles you’ve won!

Okay so back to my trip! I last left myself on the first 2 days of London. I was only there for a short 4 days to spend Christmas with my family and we left the day after Boxing Day to Paris so here’s the next 2 days of the London trip.
Warning: Long blogpost ahead
So I haven’t got much to update about Christmas day because the tubes weren’t working and the shops were not open either. We spent our day mostly lazing in bed browsing through online boxing days sales and our strategy for boxing day shopping itself. This is how it looked like when it was around 5PM!

and as you can tell, us 3 have started preparing on dinner. My sister, on the far left has volunteered for the cooking of the turkey, a huge responsibility if you asked me. Me and my brother offered to cook some of the other dishes for the night

Looks pretty good ey

We however did had to recook our turkey again coz it was a little undercook but it still tasted pretty good so good job done my sister!

She also made garlic bread while waiting for the turkey hah!

So since we were all drinkers, we couldn’t miss out on the drinks could we! We had red wine, dessert wine and champagne for the night (and I have no idea what the pot plant was doing there)

Our dinner turned out pretty different that what we expected. My brother didn’t had flour to thicken his beef stew so it became ABC soup for the night HAHA, still tasted pretty good tho and our typical rice for dinner was replaced by mashed potatoes.

Boxing day on the 26th was freaking crazy. I kid you not there literally was heaps of boxing that day! There was so much sales going on shopping was ridiculously cheap but by noon time (we started shopping at 9AM) we gave up and couldn’t take it any longer because it was just way crowded. I personally think the malls are WAY WAY WAY crowded than it usually is on the weekends here in Malaysia. Being asian made it worse! I was so short it was so difficult to push my way around because everyone was so much bigger and taller than me =.=
So at about noon we gave up, and we headed home to rest and thought we’d stroll around the city instead. Me and Nate decided to head to the London Eye to view the city itself. By the time we arrived it was around sunset so it was pretty good coz we get to see the city in lights itself. The ferris wheel was HUGE! I don’t know how Nate can think it’s as big as the one we have in Malaysia =.= It wasn’t till he saw it and he was like oh…this is alot bigger than I expected HAHAH

So we got into our capsules, each capsule holds about 15-20 people so nothing too crowded which is good bt we also didn’t had to wait too long at the queue.

I found this picture mega hilarious because  when I took this photo I didn’t really had time to really look at it. It wasn’t till when I was uploading the photos I realised Nate was doing the victory sign but obviously it didn’t work too well because his snowman gloves covered it HAHAHAH.

SO then the view from one side of the capsule

and the other side of the capsule where you can see big bens!

Beautiful aint it?

Ok at this point we were really high up so the view was so beautiful I couldn’t help but to stop photographing it so I can really just enjoy the moment so yeah

Was approx 45 minutes for the whole ride so it was just slightly after 530PM once we got down from London Eye and decided to head to Winterwonderland since we only had dinner at 730 with my siblings.

Winter Wonderland is exactly how I remembered it, layout all the same, shops and stalls being at the same exact place so I wasn’t too keen in photographing everything this time around since I had quite alot of photos of the place the last time. That was that and also the fact that it was freeeezing that night so taking my gloves out just to take a photo didn’t really excite me too much

Then at about 6.45 we couldn’t take it any longer in the cold so we decided to make our way to dinner. Dinner, well I’m not gonna blog much because it wasn’t as good as we expected it to be(and a tad too overpriced)

but the highlight was that we walked past the Somerset house which was beautiful! They had this beautiful outdoor ice skating rink just around the christmas tree which looked absolutely gorgeous when litted up!

If you are wondering how we got about in London, it was def the tube. Really really convenient and punctual so it was really easy getting around to places in London.

That said tho, going up and down the escalators can be quite scary if you are afraid of heights!

The next day we took the 7AM train via Eurostar to Paris. Not much pictures because we slept our way there but I’d say it was a very pleasant experience. I rather do trains than flight anytime now, it’s so much more comfortable! The train ride to Paris from London was a very short 2 hour ride so when we got to Paris it was still relatively early in the morning.

Got a little hungry despite the snacks we had on the train so we had our breakfast at Paul. Best mushroom panini EVER! They had truffle oil drizzled over the panini and it was just the perfect food for a cold rainy morning!

This time around in Paris we didn’t book a hotel coz we’ve heard so much about hotels being really expensive and you really don’t get that big of a room anyways. We opted out to booking a apartment unit instead via Parisian homes and couldn’t be happier with our rooms. Had to pick up our keys from the office and lucky for us our rooms were ready by the time we got there.

So here’s our place for the next 3 days. I loved that  heater at the side of the room!

and AH I cannot believe I didn’t take a photo of this amazing towel heating rack! See the towel on the side of this pic? Well the metal bars heats up the towel so by the time you come out of your shower you get a warm fluffy towel to use. I freaking love this and I’m actually REALLY considering to having this set up in our apartment!

They’ve got all the pillows and duvet hidden in the closet because the bed’s a sofa bed so yeah.

and our living room! Pretty cool ya, the sofa acts as a sofa bed and I have to say it’s a pretty comfy bed!

The best thing about this apartment is that it’s a fully furnished apartment! You get cups and plates and microwaves and all the necc things you need(coffee maker even) and the office was nice enough to gift us a bottle of white and a packet of chocolates!

So after settling down, we headed to our own destination for the day. We previously checked out online that it was gonna be a rainy day so we thought we’d just visit Sacré-Cœur Basilica before it started pouring. The day itself was very cloudy and I have to say Paris looks so different on a cloudy day compared to a sunny day(which you can see on our 3rd day in Paris) but still very beautiful.

One thing I really dislike about Paris was their tube! They stink, and if anything there’s constantly dodge people so you gotta really look out for your belongings in the tubes!

That said though the stop near our apartment was one of the best designed tube in my opinion( Arts et Metiers). Each stop has a unique look but this has to be my fav!

Got off at our stop and arrived at the Church. Upon reaching we noticed a bunch of people at the front of the entrance. They were harassing us trying to scam us to buying their friendship bands. You should really read up on THIS if you are thinking of visiting the place. Lucky for us we put on our most serious and fiercest face to saying NO to them and they left us alone after. Unlucky for us because we were harassed by another bunch of kids trying to get us to sign a petition when we left(then they’d ask for money after or pickpocket you while you are signing), we said no but the kids were much more harassing than the adults because they’d tug and pull your clothes if you ignore them -,-
The trip however was worth it. It was a beautiful church and the view up on the hill was magnificent. We knew we weren’t going up the Eiffel tower so we opted for the highest point in Paris to view the city instead. If you are wondering where the church is, it’s at Montmarte

and me being me, had to do an OOTD without my coat. Took it off and freeze for abit but couldn’t be happier with the photo haha

then we looked for family tourist who had kids and DSLR with them to get them to take a photo of us( we just had to go with the safest option, didn’t wanna risk the person running away with our camera!)

and I guess that’s all I’m gonna be blogging for the first day of Paris because the post is already really really really long but I’m just gonna end my blogpost with this. Me and Nate’s fav meal of the day! We loved it so much we actually went back about 3 times throughout our stay in Paris for this(This restaurant was just below our apartment and opened till about 1130PM each day!)

Will be blogging about the next few days of my Europe trip either tomorrow or day after so stay tuned!

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