Paris Day 2

On our 2nd day in Paris, we started off with breakfast with Eric Kayser. Usually, I wouldn’t think a chain store would be good, but Eric Kayser really proved us wrong. Me and Nate went to the outlet near the Lourve coz that’s where we were gonna be spending our day

Pastries, pastries everywhere

We opted for their turkey sandwich, which was one of their more popular(best turkey sandwich so they claim). I must say it was really good!

but what surprised us more was this ham and cheese croissant! I’m not a very good food blogger as you’d gather so don’t expect me to go into detail to how the food is like because I’d prob wouldn’t be able to do it very well but it’s just really really yummy.

So after breakfast, as one would, we walked towards Angelina for brunch HAHA.Throughout our whole Paris trip, we actually spent most our time eating! I really wanted to try Angelina because I’ve heard so much about their hot chocolate! The hot chocolate weren’t cheap either(even by local standards) was priced at a good 8euro per cup!!!!! The place was huge but still there was still quite a queue out the shop so I guess that’s to a good start right=p

We couldn’t be happier when we actually got in the cafe(bless the heaters) and I was just so blown away by their interior deco

SO pretty right!

Seeing we’ve just had breakfast, we ordered their brunch set that came with their hot chocolate and also another extra cup of hot choc so me and nate didn’t had to fight for that one cup of choc.

Always pastries to start the meal

and the highlight of the whole experience was this. This gooey brown liquid was sooo soo good! Nate usually doesn’t like hot choc but even he had to admit it was quite a diff experience(well I think it ought to be for it to be so expensive =.=) but we were really glad we both really really enjoyed the hot choc.

I personally like mine with whipped cream,kid you not this was def one of the best thing to have during a cold weather hahaha!

Our set also came with fresh orange juice

Mains, which we went for the salmon scrambled egg

and brioche as desserts

Personally I would have been happier with these desserts but by the time we finished our brioche, our tummies were filled with food and liquids we just couldn’t have anything anymore.

Then we walked across the road to Jardin des Tuileries(after the Eiffel Tower, this is my fav place)

Nate looks so chubby here HAHAHA. It was actually a really cold day

but we saw a lady still dressed like this doing a photoshoot. kudos to her man.

And with a beautiful setting like that,

I couldn’t help but to do an OOTD despite the cold weather.Just had to do it, place is too pretty to pass!

I think this garden is the reason I’ve fallen in love with Paris. I mean sure, I liked Paris upon arrival(a tad less after the tube experience I have to admit) but walking out to gardens like that just kinda makes me feel like everything’s so darn worth it.

We walked across the park towards Le Champs Elysees, and they had this mini winter wonderland street stalls going on.

Pretty long walk I have to say coz it took us approx 45 minutes to walk to where we wanted to go

Le Champs Elysees, oh shopping here can be so addictive. Nate had to literally pull me away from this shop.

Can’t blame him though, look at this place! It’s MASSIVE! I didn’t end up gettting anything bt, too lazy to carry it and  I wasn’t really in a shopping mood with all the heavy clothes on.

So we continued walking towards the Arc de Triomphe de l’Étoile
not forgetting to drop by the Louis Vuitton flagship store. The place is freaking massive and they really sell all sorts of LV stuff here!

and finally at the Arch. At this point we’ve already been walking for at least a non stop an hour and half so we didn’t wanna do it all over again by walking by to the Lourve so we took the tube instead.

Which was really convenient because when we got out of the tube we were in the Lourve already.

Seeing how it was still quite early, we thought hey, it’d be pretty nice to be able to check the “having tea at the Lourve” box off my to-do list. Fortunately for us, there was a really pretty tea shop that caught our attention. It was only later I found out this was also featured in Gossip Girl (Click here for more info)

Does really remind me of TWG but this place, man, a damn good cup of tea, is seriously a damn good cup of tea

So after we were all well happy with our tea, we headed out first to take photos just before it goes completely dark.

Nate’s frozen smile face HAHA. He was freezing so much at this point all he wanted was for me to be done with my photos so he can go somewhere else warmer!

So I guess that’s about it for Day 2. We ended up having dinner at this local cafe near our apartment, which was also really good(which we had fois gras) but this post as you can tell is already really really long and since I’m not a very good of a food description person, I’m just gonna skip dinner and let you guys go
Have a great day peeps!

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