Laduree, La Tour Eiffel photolog

I think I’ve written so much about Paris in the past few days a photolog style blogpost would be a little better to describe our 3rd day in Paris
Lucky for us, our 3rd day in Paris was nothing but sunshine and beautiful sky, which made Paris so much more beautiful and I have to say we were just really really glad we got a full day of sunshine before we left the city.

We started our morning with Laduree, I’ve been wanting to try their macaroon for ages but obviously haven’t had much the chance and now telling me that I can have brunch there?? yeah, imma happy girl =D
Before I start spamming pictures, this is how the street name signs are in Paris, that blue thing at the side of the corner that helps(just ever so slightly) to finding your way. Otherwise just pop straight into the nearest police station and let them help you out!

The weather was so beautiful I couldn’t help but to enjoy the pretty sunshine, kinda abit of a nice change considering the winter has been quite cold

We finally made it in time to Laduree, just right before breakfast ends too

I’m not sure it’s because we were asians, but they took SO SO SOOO long to even serve us. to even get the waiters attention was quite difficult so I have to admit the service did make the trip abit less enjoyable

Eggs Benedict

Salmon Toastie

Food however, was cook really well and the tea, let’s just say I’m quite in love with Laduree’s tea now

So after we were well watered and fed, we took our time to stroll along the Seine river

Seine River

and after probs a good hour of walking, we arrived at the much majestic
La Tour Eiffel (Eiffel Tower)

I was so in love with the this, the ballerina, christmas lights, man

Then we head over to one of the best fallafel I’ve ever had. It was from  L’as Du Fallafel on 32-34 Rue des Rosiers, 75004 Paris, France


and I guess that’s it for my photolog! Just thought it’d be nice of a change to not have such a wordy post. Anyways ending my blogpost with my OOTD when we were touring around the city

and since tomorrow is a public holiday, happy holiday guys!

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