A little late, new years resolution

So I guess I’m done with my Paris blogpost but before I move on to Amsterdam’s, I thought I should just give this whole travelog a little rest. I’ve been typing so much about my trip I realised I’ve not written about anything else!
Just thought I should do a little bit of an update since it’s the new year! I know this is perhaps the latest new year’s resolution post since we are already halfway through Jan but heck, better late than never right?

I’ve never been a huge fan of resolutions(because I can never keep them very well) so let’s call this my to do list instead!There are a few things I have to do this year

Be happy
I will be happy this year, I’ll figure out a way but I just will be happy. I guess it’s a little easier to be happy when there’s so many weddings I have to attend to this year(not that I’m complaining because they are all my closest people)! Spending time with the people that matter to me is def something I want to focus on this year!

The apartment!
Now that I’ve moved back to my apartment, and with a little more times on my hand, I feel like I can afford to spend a little more time decorating the whole place and not just the living room and dining area. This means more DIY projects and more home organization tips so I really hope I’ll be able to come up with something you will all find helpful! Our missing in action 3 months old coffee table finally came so that’s another diff to my last apartment tour!

Eating Healthy
This is one of the most important to do list on my well, resolution list because I’m the least healthy person when it comes to my diet. I absolutely dislike my greens and if possible I will have maggi mee goreng if I can for the rest of my life. I will be doing a tad bit more DIY recipes for the year(infact I might have one recipe I’d share by the end of next week should it be successful that will come in handy for CNY)

I’ve always loved taking photos, but this year I’m determined to try out new projects and have a few more photos to add to my “hey, I took this shot” album!

last but not least, to exercise
This I’m pretty proud of myself! I’ve been exercising a little more in the past few days so hopefully I will keep it up!

I know this is quite a short post but I really can’t think of anything else I want to do for this year. My year is always quite a surprise so I guess I’ll just go with the flow hah, what’s your new years resolution?

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