Chinese New Year Red-dy. 1 item, 3 looks!

So Chinese New Year is around the corner. I’m not sure about you but I always have the biggest headache trying to figure out on my CNY clothings. Mainly coz red is a rather difficult color to pair with and spending money just for a top/dress I’ll hardly ever wear after CNY is not really a very attractive of a thought to me.

So what are my necc for this year then?
Well if this CNY is the CNY I know, then I sure am expecting very hot weather and very very strong sun! I don’t know why or how but everytime around CNY period, the sun is always so unforgiving! This makes having a sunblock so important because the last thing we want to have for CNY is a sunburn. Sunblock is important, however, I dislike most of them, especially if they are heavy and break me out. So I’m using Yadah’s sunblock(Got given one by the PR to try it out and I have to say I’m pretty happy with it) this year instead. The sunblock itself contains natural ingredients such as Aloe Vera, Chamomile and also is non sticky and non greasy. Def something I’d wanna have for the sunblock I use, best of all? I don’t need to remove them at the end of the day!

So erm, what’s red then? Well my makeup of course! I got given a Mary Quant lipstick the other day(All thanks to Manoah) and guess what color it came in, RED!! Perfect for CNY then! I know heaps of people who are a little intimidated to wear red lipsticks, and people who hardly wear red lipstick so they think it’s not worth purchasing one so here’s a few tips and tricks to get the most use out of your lipstick!
Lipstick color in Scintillation, R-01

For those who want a subtle lip color, why not try doing an ombre lip?
Here’s how to do it, photo credits

Of course we are gonna use red, it’s CNY.The easiest way I find to doing this with a lipstick is applying the lipstick with your fingers!

Apply just the inner corner of your lips and slowly dap it outwards to get a gradient effect!
Def something you can do for a everyday look too!

Packing can be quite tedious when you are just going back to your hometown for a few days. So having a red lipstick can come in handy too because you can also use it as your blush!

Yes a blush! Just apply a slight amount on your fingers and dab the color on your cheeks!! Then just use a clean finger to blend the color out and you’ll get this healthy glow! I tried this yesterday and the blush lasted the whole night! That and I even got compliments and people asking me what blusher I was using because it looked so natural!
The sunlight kinda washed it offf here but you can see the blush on my left cheek. Of course if you are a little more daring you can def build the color up but just adding more colors to the cheeks

I better pic of the blush here

And of course if you are daring enough, just apply the lipstick like how you usually would to get an intense red lip! I adore red lipsticks, but sometimes I find them a tad annoying to apply especially if it’s a matte lipstick(imagine if you have dry lips urgh) or if it’s too glossy(runs all over the place) so most the time I avoid them, unless the formulation is creamy but not quite of a shiny finish, which to my surprise is how the Mary Quant lipstick is.Of course, Mary Quant is known for their amazing quality but this is still my first lipstick from Mary Quant and I have to say I’m extremely impressed with the formulation, it’s quite pricey of a lipstick so I was initially very skeptical about it but to my surprised the lipstick glided on my lips like butter. Amazing formulation, and def something I’d recommend if you are just looking for that ONE red lipstick to invest in. Of course they have a few other colors(some more of a nude/pink colors) so if you are looking for a no nonsense, last all day lipstick, perhaps you should check these baby out! You can find them at Muse by Watson in Sunway Pyramid.
Then don’t forget your comfy shoes because you are gonna be visiting friends and relatives for Ang Pau!

Oh and your earphones!Sennheiser all the way baby! These are def life savior if you are stuck in a car with your family in traffic! Blasting my songs outloud can be so inconsiderate, especially when me and my parents have completely different taste in our preferred music choices hah

What are your necc?
Enjoy your Chinese New Year week peeps!

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