Wordless Wed

Today is Wednesday, so let’s do a wordless Wednesday(not exactly wordless bt) shall we? I’m not sure how I feel about Jan ending, January has always been my fav month but seriously how did the time fly so fast I’m not quite sure just yet. All I know is it’s time to move on. We are on our last few days of the year on the lunar calendar, so if you haven’t got a chance to make your new years resolution perhaps this is a good time to do it again. ¬†Anyways, enough talking, here’s some photos =)

Cottesloe Beach, def still one of my fav beach around

Am I the only one who loves cooking just so I can take a good photo of the food? Nah, quite sure I’m not the only one who does it..right?

Anyone else buys flowers for their house/rooms? I know I love doing them, just stalk, nothing too fancy but they make me so happy every morning just seeing them being so pretty in the living room.

I hope you’ve had breakfast, if not perhaps a quick visit to the nearest bakery store might be a good idea

or maybe a good cuppa is all you need to power yourself through this Wednesday.

Happy Chinese New Year guys! I will be in KL this time around for CNY so I’ll keep my blog updated throughout the week so if you’ve got time, def drop by=)
Drive safe for those who are driving back to their hometown.

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