My first CNY with the Yaps

Happy Chinese New Year everyone!!
Chinese New Year this year to me is a slight different, now that I’m Mrs Yap, quite a fair bit has changed. For starters, I no longer have to brave through the traffic going back to my hometown, Nate’s hometown is in KL. Then, I’m introduced to a completely different culture when it comes to celebrating CNY. My family has always been quite traditional when it comes to Chinese New Year. This means during CNY we eat heaps of traditional chinese new year food and have heaps and heaps of “Not to DO” taboos during CNY, and since I’m spending my Chinese New Year with my new family, this pretty much means new culture. Nate’s family are super easy going and they have alot less taboos, imagine the horror I had when Nate told me he was gonna take a shower(washing his hair) on the first morning of CNY! I grew up being told that it’s a huge NO to wash your hair from midnight till the afternoon on the first day of CNY as it would wash your good luck away! I also had to get used to different meals(my family usually makes mee sua and popiah for CNY) but my mother in law was ever so amazing to cook me an individual bowl of mee sua so I wouldn’t miss home too much this year!

The things that hasn’t changed? Well let’s say we lazed through our holidays and eat heaps and heaps of food(I’m sure most of you guys can relate to this HAHA) and I’ve enjoyed my CNY this year too. Nate’s family are always so warm towards me I’m always super super grateful I’ve got such amazing in-laws(I’ve heard too many scary stories). Then on the 2nd day of CNY, I went back to my parent’s hometown in Perak and then on the same day came back to my parents place in PJ. Lucky for us, traffic was so darn good(then again we did leave the house at wee hours in the morning to Perak). Though for many CNY holidays has come to an end but for me and Nate’s family our biggest celebration day for CNY isn’t till Friday(the 8th day of CNY), which is when they pray to the Gods with food offerings and heaps of fire crackers to end the night.
I do have to apologize for the lack of pictures because well, erm, I kinda limited myself to all sorts of gadgets= lack of photos. Thought I’d share my OOTD but since I hardly took any photos, I made my mannequin wear it instead! Lucky she’s about the same size or I’d have no idea how my clothes are gonna fit on her!
On the first day of CNY this was what I wore, me and Nate had a tad bit of time on Thursday and since everyone else was rushing back to their hometown for their reunion dinner, the shopping malls were quite quiet. Chinese New Year alwaays means crazy hot weather so T shirts are always a better idea!

I did however change to shorts halfway tru the day coz it was getting too inconve to be going around in skirt.

On the 2nd day, I wore this beautiful piece from Clothesforfun. I freaking love this dress coz it kinda reminds me of a Cheongsam which is perfect for this CNY

If you can’t already tell by now, Red’s a prettty popular color for CNY HAHAH. So on the third day I kept the red going by wearing this top, also by Clothesforfun and this skirt looking pants I got from Bangkok sometime back.

Guess that’s about it for my CNY update…ending the post with this mega cute looking corgi! How precious is he!

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