DIY teabag storage

If you guys don’t already know, I have a massive obsession with teas. I drink a good 4 cups everyday hence why I usually buy my tealeaves in huge amounts. I generally prefer teabags to loose tea leaves for one very obvious reason, it’s much more convenient but I have to say storing loose leaves are usually heaps easier because all you gotta do is find a pretty container from Daiso and chuck em all in! Unfortunately my fav teabags come in a very erm..not too appealing packaging and because I buy them in 240 teabags each time(from the UK coz it’s much cheaper) they are difficult to keep.
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I’ve been keeping an eye out for ages for a teabag storage box, unfortunately for me they usually come with dividers, which won’t work too well for me or they are way too small for a very much more expensive price than what I expect to pay for a storage box=.=
So the other day at Craft Haven, I found this box that I thought would be perfect for my teabags! It’s a very plain box, all sand papered so so much less work!

I also picked up a couple of alphabets to stick onto the lid to make it more personalized

So here’s what you need
Sealer(to prevent the paint seeping into the wood)
Paint of your choice(I got this lilac color for the alphabets and white for the base)
Wood Glue(to stick the alphabets onto the box, though I think most strong glue would work equally well)
Satin Varnish to give the box a satin finish!

Used the tile as my paint palette

and of course, you will need brushes. Which brush you use is entirely up to you, I just went with the cheap one coz I really liked how the box is like originally so I didn’t want to cover the whole box up with the white paint, kinda wanted it to look a little used and rustic so these brushes would work just well for me

First of all you’d need to seal the wood. Just paint a layer over the wood and let it dry.

Once done, paint the box with your base color! I went with about a good 2 layers of white to make sure it doesn’t look too transparent. As you can tell from the picture below, a layer of paint doesn’t look too good with the wood!

Once you are done painting the box, leave it to dry and start working on your alphabets! Painting the alphabets are much easier coz it’s much smaller hah and once that’s done just leave it to dry, it shouldn’t take too long especially if you do just a very thin layer over it. I’ve got just 2 coats on the alphabets =)

So once that’s done, all you gotta do is paint the satin varnish over the box and let it to dry again before sticking the alphabets onto the box!

So here’s how mine turned out. I love how the box just looks very unpolished.

Almost like it’s worn out but not quite yet. Of course not forgetting to put my teabags in hah. I’ve put a piece of tissue at the bottom of the box before placing the tea leaves in to prevent any contamination from the paint.

Of course me being me, the box itself did look a little too plain for my liking so out with the fake flowers again to decorate the box! I stuck to the box color which was lilac and white, and lucky for me I had these flower in my drawer from my previous projects so yay!

Place the flower around the box to see how you’d like to arrange them before glueing them down( I got lazy so I used super glue instead bt if you have hot glue gun they work equally well too!)
and here’s the final look! I absolute loveeeeee how it turned out! Hope you’ve enjoyed this blogpost too so if you did do anything similar do let me know!

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