Chalkboard Jars DIY

Nate chucks his glasses EVERYWHERE, and it really does annoy me till no end coz he is constantly looking for his glasses. So since I received my mason jars the other day(mind you I had to buy them in bulk so there’s 92 jars all together) I thought I’d make Nate a jar with his name on it so he can chuck his glasses/stuff there. I initially thought of the normal decorating stickers, and thought of sharpies too but I had a feeling I’d get sick of having just a name on the jar fairly quickly which was a no go for both stickers and sharpies coz they’d wouldn’t be as easy to change. Then voila! I came across this project of having chalkboard mason jars!
I guess the chalkboards does make quite useful of a job especially if I decide to make drinks and serve them using the jars, I can label the jars accordingly so people won’t keep asking me what it contains and with the chalkboard sign I can add their names on it without having people to confuse their jars too!

So first of all you’ll need mason jars of course, I got mine from here
Then you will need
Tape so you can have a frame to kinda paint on. Of course you can paint them freehand but I just liked the edges being a little neater

And you will of course need chalkboard paint. I got mine from the local craft store.

So once you are done painting, I’ve gone for the traditional square look, you just gotta leave them to dry over night. Pic below requires 2 coats, just let them dry before you apply another coat onto the jars

and to cure it, so it’s dishwasher safe, or if you just want to make sure they won’t come off when you are washing them you can pop them into your oven at 150 Celsius for 30 minutes.

Prep them with a layer of chalk before you start writing them, so just smudge your chalk over the chalkboard and wipe it off with wet cloth.

Then you can write whatever you fancy after!

Alternatively you can paint the whole jar. I went for the rustic look so I just painted them so it looked nearly covered and then just sticking foam stickers on it. Since it’s a gift to Sui Ying, I thought I might as well just have it amp up a little more.

By of course, adding flowers HAHA. I’m still not done but, the jar still looks a lil plain for me so I’m gonna add fake butterflies to give it that old rustic pot look. Will post a photo of the final product on my instagram once I get my hands on the butterflies(Left them at my parents’)

Pretty easy of a DIY don’t you think?

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