Fashion Culture Box!

So I got my Fashion Culture box yesterday and I couldn’t be more excited!!
Well simple way of putting, it’s a box with fashion items in it(and a bit of beauty related items) each month! You get to pick a theme before purchasing it and you get sent items that go along with the theme itself!
I got sent a pilot box, initially having to pick either the queen of hearts theme or the queen of fairies series from their fairytale theme.  Since I have such a huge thing for fairies, it’s easy to figured which box I picked haha
So here’s what’s in the box
The box comes with a pamphlet to tell you what and why you’ve got the item. I heard the Queen of Hearts series was a hit hence the reason to why they had different rings and earrings to avoid everyone getting the same item(such a nice gesture) but to be honest, one look at the queen of hearts choker and I am already regretting picking the queen of fairies series =( Look at how amaaaaazing that choker looks(I have a thing for choker) but ah well, I will get 2 boxes next month then HAHA

The first thing that caught my attention was the the bangle, and you can prolly tell why but i adoreeeeeee how all their accesories come in the same colors

Here’s a better pic of what came in the box. How pretty is the necklace! Mind you bt, I wouldn’t mind having both boxes HAHA. I love how everything is related to the theme so kudos to those who picked the items to be put in the box!

Love love love love that teardrop pearl!

and the ring on my thumb is from the Fashion Culture box too! Unfortunately for me I have the tiniest hand(I’m only a size 6 when it comes to my ring size) so most rings are gigantic for me but the ring fortunately can be resized so I did what could be done and it fit just well on my thumb! yay!

and the earrings in action hah!

Don’t you just love how it all looks!

Next month will be their debut box, the travel series box!  I’m currently eyeing on the beach holiday and parisian affair box so perhaps I might just order both incase I start regretting again HAHA.

The box is priced at RM58, which I think is so worth because it usually can only get me just one piece of item from DIVA hah, so a few in a box with this price is def worth it!
They are going to start selling their boxes in 7 days as of today so def keep an eye out here
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What would you pick as the next months box? Leave a comment below and you might just be in for a treat!
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