Go Nude!

Ever since coming back from the UK, I’ve been reaching out for more neutral, everyday sorta nail polish color. I’m not sure whether what changed me(I’ve always liked brighter color polishes) especially when neutral nail polish colors that compliments my skin often is so difficult to find.
OPI recently came out with their Brazil Collection 2014 and there’s a few nude colors that I really really like. So I thought hey why not do a blogpost on the neutral/nude nail polishes I personally like best!
The formulation for the Brazil Collection 2014 is pretty good, though I find them a little thicker than the usual polish bt they finish with a beautiful gloss.
Now Now, if you are secretly thinking “but they look so similar!!” (or maybe you said that outloud) I can assure that tho they might look similar in the bottle, they don’t look quite alike when you have them swatched on your nails!
Though I can understand why you think they look quite the same, under the sun all 3 bottles do look quite similar in terms of colors

The other 2 nude/neutral color that I’ve always loved are from Chanel! Chanel formulation has always been amaaaazing so 2 coats of the nail polishes gives you a streak free, opaque coat

OPI-3 coats to cover streakiness
Chanel-2 coats

See how different the colors look like on the nails? My personal fav is Taupe-less Beach! I find the very taupe grey color very flattering. 2nd fav color would have to be the Don’t Bossa Nova Me Around! Beautiful nude color with a pink undertone and I seriously have not quite seen any nail polishes like it!

Ok I know I said nude and everyday color but I have to throw this color in coz I just won’t do one blogpost featuring just one nail polish. This color came with the brazil collection 2014 and it’s such a beautiful spring color! Can’t go wrong with coral for spring!

Mega gorgeous! Might just be the color I’ll wear to Singapore this weekend for our Universal Studio trip!

What’s your fav nude color?

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