Invading ze guestroom !

So proud of myself! I spent my mornings shifting stuff from my study room to my guest room coz I’ve decided that the study room is just not too big enough to hold both me and Nate’s stuff(well ok fine, most my stuff). I thought since we don’t have much space at our current study room and seeing how we hardly have guest sleeping over, might as well take the bigger room and turn it to my workspace/craft room and Nate’s comp gaming area too.
Now that I’ve got things all moved over, I wonder why it took me so long to do it! It’s so much cooler and spacious in here compared to the previous room and I get so much more sunlight too which means I get to save my eyes from the horrible L.E.D lights that are working perfectly fine(can’t wait for the lights to spoil so I can change them to proper white lights)
Now our guest room was suppose to have sofa beds instead of proper beds because we hardly get ppl staying over so having a bed would mean it’s more work to tidy and keep clean. Obviously we’ve not bought the beds or furnitures yet for the guestroom, the room right now is just a huge storage area where we iron our clothes and keep our luggages(can you believe we’ve not unpacked!). It is truly a waste of good space lol

So this morning, with Nate wishing me good luck(he seriously doubts my skills and strength =.=) I started moving the things bit by bit. Lucky for me Ikea furnitures are easy to move once you’ve detach the drawers from the tables.
Tadaaaaaa! I know it looks exactly the same like how the previous room was like but heck I like the layout

There’s alot more plugpoints too in this room which makes it so much easier to clean, imagine ur wires going all around the room because there’s only 2 plugpoints that are far far away from the study table

Now if I can get a commercial driller to drill my¬†frame up along with all my paintings up in the house. Can you believe the drillers we’ve used so far have all failed because the walls are so hard it’s almost impossible to drill a hole deeper than 5cm with the normal drillers!
I’ve also finally put my necklace and earrings holder into good use. Seeing these necklaces makes me happy. Of course I have more but these are the ones I know I hardly wear but still so pretty I’d like to see them most time just to keep me happy

I’ve also put my bracelet holder to good use. Now my hardrive doesn’t look too hideous after all.

Having nail polishes in this candle holder is just so pretty! I love love love the snowflakes design!

Currently burning the christmas edition diptyque candles.

Yay, one more day till Friday!
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