Galaxy Life App Launch!

Seeing how Nate is off to run his errands today, I thought I might as well do some updates since it was quite a crazy weekend!
On Thursday, I attended the Magnum Gold event, which I will probs update tomorrow, and on Friday we braved through traffic again to get to KL. Only this time, it took us more than 2 hours to get to our destination @.@. It was however worth it, coz we were there for the Samsung Galaxy Life App Launch! For those who don’t know what it is just yet, it’s an app that Samsung users(only Samsung users get to enjoy=p) download and get heaps and heaps of benefits, discount and promos! If you haven’t download it already quickly do so here . If you are still blur to what the app can do, perhaps clicking on this link might help you understand the app abit more!

Anyways, they had different vendors at the place to spike things up, stealing photos from Fish because I got there just in time to take photos of the launch.

and of course me being me, I was occupied with eating..they had the cutest lil rainbow cupcake ever!

So pretty much an awesome deal in a phone.

The night of course wasn’t short of performances such as catwalk from Zalora and dances from Celeb Fitness(they are the merchants too so they have promos all done up in the Galaxy Life App)and best of all they even had lucky draws!

Why oh why did I not put my namecard T.T. Lucky winner walked away with a new S4!

So after that it was just mingle around time and more photos…Trust me to be the only one looking at the camera =.=. I was so busy stuffing myself with food I don’t know whether I have proper photos with the group of the girls.

But here’s a more decent pic! Here’s a photo with Don, come to think of it I hardly ever have a photo with him unless it’s a group photo.

So there you have it! After this event we headed for yummy mamak then straight of to FMFA’s preparty but that blogpost will have to wait=D
Enjoy the rest of your Sunday guys!

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