My Sennheiser Momentum Experience!

Right, so if you’ve watched this video before my Singapore trip, you might have noticed I hinted that I was missing something. Well, it was the Sennheiser Momentum On Ear headsets!
I got it just right before my Singapore trip and I cannot be more grateful! 4 hours drive in the car without having the freedom to blast my music because we had to drive my in-laws with us and it wasn’t very nice to blast music of just my own preference for everyone in the car. So me and the Sennheiser headset had a very good start.
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Unfortunately, something happened along the way =.=
Nate took away the headsets from me T.T and said it was his to use because he was driving and he had every right to have the best things to keep him awake when driving…

Obviously I did not give up but this happened throughout our trip. Had to use Siew Ngap and Pan Mee to reenact the situation..

These Sennheiser baby were serious when it comes to noise cancelling.I had to raise my voice to actually get Nate to hear me!
Anyways, my thoughts on them. Do forgive me for I am no sound junkie so I am gonna use my way to express how I feel about them(in other words layman term). This is how the box looks like, nothing out of the ordinary,

It also comes with this pretty velvet material box to help you keep your headsets properly. It is really handy but, not only I can fit the headsets in, I can also fit my sunglasses in the bag to avoid them getting damage when they are all squashed in my bag!

The insides are pretty standard, the only compartment they had also come super in handy because it aallows you to fit all your cables separately so it will avoid tangling and scratching your headsets. This is perhaps one of the other reason why I really liked the Sennhesier Momentum headsets! The cables are detachable which means I do not have to worry about the connecting bit of the headset to the cable being damage when placed into my bag.

It also comes with the remote control option which allows you to adjust the sound according to your preference.

Ok so for sound quality, personally , I think it’s fantastic! I absolutely adore the noise canceling function as it really does filter out the noise! This means I do not have to crank up my volume when listening to music(I don’t like loud music blasting to my ears) and stil actually able to hear my music. I mean I’ve had enough of having to crank the volume to middle to high and only having to find myself half deaf after a good half hour with the headsets. So with this Sennheiser Momentum headsets, I can happily switch my volume to low-medium and still hear them clearly!

I usually listen to my audiobooks with my headsets which makes my life so much less frustrating than having them play outloud. I have alot of noise going on at my current unit because of the nearby construction so the headsets are def prob solving.

As you can tell from my spotify list, the genre of music I usually listen to are quite vast. I listen to classical , indie folk and alternative rock. I personally have not been able to spot any fault in the quality of the headsets so I’m really really satisfied with the sound quality especially when it comes to the bass. On top of the sound quality, the headsets itself were such a comfortable wear! It’s got a thick cushion which means the sides of your ears don’t hurt even after wearing them for a long time and the size of the headsets as expected are adjustable. Stainless steel sliders which makes cleaning so much easier.

The unit I got as a review was a brown set but I know they do  a various color to suit different lifestyle and different needs. Personally the brown goes well with everything, perhaps even better than the black because they are so much subtle of a color but if I had a choice with the colors pink is pretty darn awesome of a color too!

You can try them out from the Sennheiser Concept store in Bangsar Shopping Complex (Click here for their Facebook page)

Have you got them as well? Happy Monday guys!

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