Laneige little haul.

So I hardly ever watch Korean movies, the only time I really watch one is when my mom introduces me to it, and You Who came from the Star is one of her recommendations.
If you’ve already watched the drama then skip my intro but if you don’t know who the lady in the pic below is, well her name is Cheon Song Yi(well in the show at least) and there’s this lipstick that she wore that really really caught my eye.

I’m aware that Laneige does skincare but really lipsticks? well, I must be really outta the loop!

This particular coral lipstick that she wore is absolutely gorgeous! Last night before watching 300, I drop by the Laneige counter for a little shopping spree. Here are the 2 items I picked up, the Laneige Snow BB Soothing Cushion and the Serum Intensive Lipstick in the color 12

I’ve heard so much about this foundation, it works kinda like a bb cream but it’s all squash in this sponge where you have to take another sponge to apply the foundation onto your skin..sounds a little complicated right? Well no worries, the pics will do a better explanation hah!

So the foundation comes in a packet of 2, with the refill itself.

So once you have it open, see that blue flipped open container thing? well that’s to hold the sponge. And the film itself to show that it’s a complete new product.

Once you peel it off, you’ll see the foundation all absorbed into this sponge. The lady at the counter told me the application for the foundation is a slight different. Instead of actually applying it onto your face like you’d normally do with foundations, you are required to use the blue sponge and dab it on your skin.. So instead of your usual applying motion, this requires you to press the blue sponge onto your skin so it will create that dewy and more air cushioned, more natural look.

Well I can’t not pick up the Serum Intensive lipstick ya! Seeing how it was such a hit item, I decided to pick up number 12 since it was more of my color. The formulation is amazing, very very moisturizing, almost like a lip balm but super pigmented. If however you are a fan of matte lipsticks then this will def not be something you’d like.
Here’s just a swipe of the color on my hand as a swatch.

So here’s the foundation and the lipstick in action. Personally I love the foundation, if you are looking for a medium coverage foundation then this is def something I’d recommend. However, if you are looking for something that has a bit of a heavier coverage then this might not be suitable because it does take quite alot of time and effort to really conceal that concern area. Dewy finish look so it looks super natural, you might also wanna set it with just a slight powder if you have a oily combination skin.

Watcha reckon?
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