C’etait salement romantique

So I kinda have an idea to what I want to do with my workroom now. Seeing how I’ve been crazily obsessed with the whole Victorian/English/French Vintage style kinda rooms, I decided I’d make my workroom to something similar. Of course if I had the budget, things would be way much easier because I could easily just go to Empire Gallery and purchase the whole lot from there but for now that will not be a plan. So instead, making use of random pieces that I find from shops will help for now.
Here’s what I’ve got so far, hope you’ll enjoy the pics!
I went to Lovely Lace to pick up these items(excluding the lights) but they were all on 50-70% off so were an amazing bargain for me. I took off the picture of the little girl that was a default pic when you get the photoframe(thought it looked a little eerie) and replaced it with some floral cloth because I cannot find any round photos to fit into the frame. I absolutely adoreeee the fruit plate? Well in this case obviously it’s not my plan to use it as one so I’ve filled it up with stuff like my handcream, cup warmer and my lipglosses. As for the table lamp I purchased it from Cheras Vivo City

Here’s a better look of the photoframe. I love love love love the detailing on the photoframe!

And an upclose of the table lamp. I just find that pin to be so gorgeous. With all the lace, beads and florals going on I don’t quite know which I like best about this lamp(maybe the fact that it actually lights up HAHA)

I also purchased this duo clock from Lovely Lace. Duo coz it’s a front and back clock so I’ve set it to London time and Malaysia time coz my siblings are there and it’s easier for me to tell time now without having to count the hours which often enough confuse me. Oh, I also finally gave in and purchased the Diptyque room thingy.

I also picked up the 2 pillow cases(70% off man) to replace the red cushion covers for the wedding. This way I don’t have to purchase new pillows and the covers tie the breakfast tray in with the whole living room bit more. I’m gonna also scout for some floral throws to swap the stripe ones out soon.

This, is my new breakfast tray. I actually saw it when I was in Cheras Vivo City on Saturday when I was there for the Doraemon 100 Exhibition. I was dying to get it but the price wasn’t quite what I’d pay (half a grand can you imagine) but I ended up dreaming about it when I got home. Nate brought me back on Sunday so he’d get a break from me talking about the tray and he manage to haggle the price down to 60% and he bought me the table lamp too! I love everything about this tray! It’s solid wood, it’s beautifully drawn and ah just everything about it I’m in love with!

Took this pic from my Instagram. Ahhhh I can’t wait to get em wallpapers done for the workroom now!

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