Little mischief over the weekend

Let’s see, the things that made me pretty happy last week.
Well for starters, this cocktail recipe is pretty darn amazing. If you’ve not read my blogpost on it yet you should do so, might even kick away those Monday blues!

Then I don’t know what’s quite more amazing. We visited Miam Miam to celebrate Shon’s birthday.

I don’t know it was the French toast that was more awesome, actually no the french toast was pretty good but still not as goood as the brioche I’ve had with Dawson in Melbourne.

yeah, this was def better. The food wasn’t that good mind you but when you have a friend who plate your food like this when you are sharing food with him, I must say he’s a pretty damn good friend =D I would have just piled everything onto the plate (horrible friend I know).

Then we had the weekends, which I spent mostly with my cousin. Finally decided on RAW cafe, it was a very difficult choice since we did really want to go to VCR too. Let’s see, the coffee was pretty okay.. didn’t had to pay for parking as well which is quite awesome.

The velvet cake was okay, nothing too much to shout about but it does look really fancy on camera.

and my vegetarian Nasi Lemak. Ok, before you guys start going but that’s healthy and stuff, I really don’t like my vegs. Eating this plate of Nasi Lemak kinda makes me feel like I was a little cheated. The tofu skin was really yummy but again it just wasn’t meat so me being me, I did honestly feel a little cheated HAHA. Of course it wasn’t the cafe’s fault, they stated it was vegetarian but I just thought it’d come without the tofu skin.

and the best part? Def being able to hang out with my cousin. So I shall end my blogpost with a pic of this lovely cousin of mine(the waiter walked past with food when I took the pic, she thought it was ours so she was a tad excited)

Countdown 1 day to Perth! I cannot wait!
How was your weekends?

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