Gloomy Week

Dan brought me out on Monday with his day off to Hillarys. It’s almost becoming like a routine now, to visit Hillarys at least once everytime I’m back. The weather that day was a little different, it was far cloudier than normal days but it’s still a beautiful day regardless.

Look at the Indian Ocean behind this dude, it’s just so breathtaking

We chat, laughed and talked even more over lunch. It was such a good catcup since the last time I was here I didn’t manage to get to see Dan much coz he flew to Melb. Right, enough talking just pics

Beautiful sunset no?
It’s been a gloomy week, not the weather, just with all the news going on it’s a little difficult to express it all in words. All I can conclude is to really appreciate the people and moments around you, perhaps putting the phone down a little more(I know I’m guilty of this) and appreciate what goes on around you might help you figure out what really matters in life.
Till my next post
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