Perth, Fashion Culture Box Haul!

Long time since I last did a haul post(yes I’ve been pretty good not shopping =p) but since I was in Perth and since the things there were really cute, I couldn’t resist. Nuff talk, it’s a Wednesday, midweek stress and what not(ok fine, I’ve been really addicted to the series Suits) so let’s get straight to the point with the post. It’s not everything I bought(I did came back with a full luggage so don’t ask ¬†unless you want a very long winded post so here are the interesting items I picked up)
I had to do some very last minute shopping for Vicky’s engagement so I drop by ForeverNew with Linda and picked up pretty much my whole outfit from ForeverNew. It’s really not difficult to see why, this season is nothing but florals. I got the dress at a very decent price for the amazing quality and the necklace was half price! The bag I’m obsessed because it’s structured quite similar to the Chanel bag I’ve been eyeing for ages and since it’s pastel in color, I just can’t say no to it.

I also managed to finally to bring my cookbook bible back. If you manage to see this book around, and if you are a huge fan of cooking/baking then you’d have to check out the Women’s Weekly 1000 Best recipes because it’s seriously the best-ever recipes from Australia Women’s Weekly. I also bouht another book from T2 because it says Vintage Tea Party and it has a really pretty cover, yeah, I know I”m not suppose to judge a book by it’s cover but heck if it says it’s a vintage tea party book on the cover, I don’t really care even if it’s just a pictorial book HAHA.

Some other small items I picked up from random places. See that glasses straw thingy? Well pretty much it’s structured to look like a pair of glasses but sip through the end of a straw and see your drink swirling past your eyes before they get to your mouth, pretty cool ey. I also did manage to find some beautiful egg cups from David Jones! And of course not forgetting my pop tart thingy which I have absolute no clue what to use them for for now but I’ll figure. The red circle thing? Well it’s suppose to keep your soda alive by pumping in gas into the bottle, have not tried it out yet but I guess it’s good to know you have something like that laying around in your kitchen

I’m a tea addict, pretty much a good explanation to why I picked up these few items then HAHA. Love my chai pot, looks freaking cute and so easy to clean!

Ok so that’s pretty much for the interesting stuff I got from Perth. Here’s somemore interesting stuff that I received from Fashion Culture Box. I couldn’t decide last month which box I wanted so I bought all 3.
Loved the items this time around, absolutely LOVED the scarves that came with the box.
Parisian Themed box.
Particularly love the bracelet which has the eiffel tower on it. How cute are the nail stickers too!

The Beach Holiday
I adore the scarf that came in this box, chiffon ombre scarf, just cannot get enough of it!

Safari Themed box
How cute is the necklace!

Oh and I almost forgot bout these. Here’s some heels I picked up from ForeverNew for the engagement party. ForeverNew always have some amazingly comfortable heels so even more the plus point to these babies. Love love LOVE the detailing!

Guess that’s pretty much for my blogpost!
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