Teacart styling

I love Fridays, don’t you love Fridays? Well I do love a few things other than Fridays, I love tea! So today I’m a tad bit of a happier person because I got myself a tea cart!
Well it’s actually a trolley cart from IKEA but I decided to make it into a tea station for my workroom and I really like the result of it!
Gonna be a real quick post coz I have 2 minutes before I need to dash out the door to meet someone.
Top Tier:
Flowers, straws, candles and stuff you get the drift
Frame from Ikea, picture DIY with stickers
Tea presser? thingy from Typo, Candles from Bath and body work

Love how the color cheers this whole cart up! Whole lot of gerberas for RM9!

2nd tier,
Things that I need for my tea

and the last tier,
Kettle coz I need to boil water with it, water bottle coz I can’t be bothered walking to the kitchen(whole point to why I have a cart)
Teabags from T2 because they are the way to go when you are in a rush!
Oh and more flowers coz I’m an addict HAH

Ok 2 minutes is up with 20 seconds to spare
Happy FRIDAY Guys!
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